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Ensuring compliance in the workplace is crucial for operations in many modern corporate settings. From health and safety guidelines to financial regulations, organizations must keep up with an ever-changing landscape of rules that govern their businesses. But beyond these basic necessities, organizations now have to contend with a growing list of license requirements for each of their employees. With primary source verification, HR operations can automate the licensing process for many professional certifications and specialty roles. Certemy is a leader in License Verification, offering companies an easy and secure process to evaluate and track employee licensure status.

License verification is critical for any organization to stay compliant and up-to-date with local, state, and federal regulations. It is a comprehensive review process that confirms an employee is eligible to work based on their credentials, and it often requires verifying records from a number of official government or administrative sources. Having verified records of this information can help to mitigate risk and improve utilization of staff within the organization. Certemys automated primary source verification system offers employers a number of solutions to keep their organization up to date on their employees license statuses.

Employers no longer have to waste valuable time and resources manually tracking and verifying employee licenses and credentials. Certemys platform simplifies this process, allowing employers to efficiently manage large numbers of licenses and certifications in a single repository. With real-time tracking and customizable workflows, the platform generates notifications and alerts when license renewals or expirations are approaching and helps manage licenses in various states or organizations depending on the regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction. By leveraging pre-built workflows, the application process is simplified, reducing the amount of time needed to manage ongoing licensing requirements.

Sponsored jobs using Certemys License Verification platform can be easily posted or fed into a hiring platform of choice, ensuring that job postings are seen by a qualified pool of applicants. Companies can set up post-hire compliance requirements to ensure their new hires meet the required qualifications, confirming that all staff is credentialed by their employment start date. The platform offers an efficient and secure way to collect and store employee data consistent with the legal requirements of each jurisdiction. This simplifies the laborious manual process of onboarding, freeing up HR resources to focus on other important tasks.

Additionally, Certemys platform allows for advanced analytics so HR operations can examine data from across their organization and get insights about their workforce. This helps HR to make informed decisions about hiring, identify potential talent, and develop strategies to improve professionalism within their organization. Companies that use Certemys License Verification benefit from better visibility of their compliance management program while staying ahead of regulatory compliances and reducing operational risk.


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