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Having a dependable and effective license and certification Verification process is essential to ensuring that the individuals employed within your organization are qualified to perform their duties. Certification verification systems such as Certemy provide automated primary source verification that validates occupational licenses and certifications across your employees confirming that they are active, appropriately renewed and free of any sanctions or barriers. Certemy enables complete visibility and control of your workforce Compliance program through pre-built workflows, automated license application processes, and real-time tracking.

Organizations employ an array of professionals across many unique positions, many of which require certification, registration, or some other form of licensing. Ensuring that every employee accesses their respective license in a timely manner is no easy task. Without an automated system, Human Resource departments are known to lag behind in the pursuit of license renewals if any licenses or certifications would expire. With a powerful license verification system, such as Certemy, the burden of license management is eliminated.

Keeping up to date with the renewals and verifications for the licenses and certifications can be difficult and time-consuming if you do not have an automated system in place. Through Certemys automated primary source verification system, license renewals can be quickly and easily tracked and managed. Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US employers to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization with real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials. With Certemy, you can rest assured that the licenses are active, properly renewed, and free from any disciplinary action.

Certemy is designed to make the compliance process as easy as possible. By automating tracking and verification processes, Certemy ensures that the licenses and certifications remain up to date and that any changes are immediately taken into account. This streamlines the compliance process and eliminates the need for manual tracking and verification tasks. With a centralized system of record, it is easy to keep track of the licenses and certifications of all employees.

With Certemy, compliance leads have complete control over the workforce compliance program. Pre-built workflows are available and are fully customizable in order to meet the needs and requirements of your organization. Through this powerful license verification system, you can access real-time tracking and leverage automated license application processes.

Certemy is a leading License Verification System, trusted by many of the largest US employers to save time, mitigate risk, and ensure staff compliance. With real-time tracking, compliance leads have complete visibility and control over the workforce compliance program. Automated processes let you streamline the application and tracking processes to ensure that any licenses and certifications stay up to date.


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