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License and credential Verification is a critical operational component for any team responsible for the oversight and management of licensed medical professionals. In the dialysis environment, being able to ensure that all of the licensed practical nurses (LPNs) on staff have current credentials is essential to staying compliant and upholding the highest levels of patient safety. The Certemysystem delivers real-time automated primary source verification of dialysis LPNs along with comprehensive analytics, tracking, and reporting to help support a workforce Compliance program.

Why Automated License Verification Matters

To ensure effective regulation, licensure organizations and regulatory boards use automated mechanisms to closely monitor the professional credentials of medical professionals throughout their careers. Changes to the licensure requirements, such as recurring licensure renewals or new mandated competency tests, are evaluated and documented automatically when the required event occurs. Each event in the chain of license and certification maintenance must be tracked and verified in its own right, and Certemy provides comprehensive tools to ensure that automation occurs from end to end.

How Verifying Dialysis LPN Licenses with Certemy Happens Automatically

The Certemysystem automates primary source verification of licenses and credentials across all dialysis LPNs in your organization, creating a single source of truth that displays real-time ability to accurately track all required documentation. Using the standard protocol of real-time, API-driven access to the licensing boards and societies, Certemy helps teams easily stay abreast of changes in requirements or renewal needs in near real-time. All verification requests are authenticated through the national verification service, meaning that the data-driven processes are securely encrypted for regulatory compliance purposes. This ensures that all responses are legitimate and eliminates any opportunity for falsified information to be submitted or accepted.

What Automating Dialysis LPN License Verification Does

Automating dialysis LPN license verification through Certemy provides a powerful tool not only for keeping your compliance records up to date, but also for improving staff utilization. With real-time visibility into the status of every dialysis LPN?s credentials in your organization, you can create pre-built workflows that ensure licenses and credential renewals occur on time for every employee. The ability to not only quickly see the status of an LPN?s license, but also automatically generate notifications when It is time to renew, minimizes any chance of you employing a licensee who has fallen out of compliance and in turn, reduces the risk of disciplinary action.

Improve Visibility and Maximize Utilization with Automated License Verification

The Certemysystem gives organizations a single system of record that tracks dialysis LPN credentials across the entire workforce. The Certemy dashboard provides an in-depth view into the licensure and certifications details for all personnel, and ensures that necessary actions to keep licenses active are taken as soon as they come due. This level of real-time visibility helps improve the overall utilization of personnel, and helps organizations increase predictability and transparency when it comes to managing staff.


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