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Working in the field of holistic nursing carries immense responsibility, as it involves caring for patients’ mind, body, and spirit. It is essential, therefore, that holistic nurses maintain valid credentials and continually renew their licenses in order to continue offering professional service. Primary source verification and license tracking are two essential tools for monitoring a nurse’s qualifications and staying up to date on certifications.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is a process of checking a nurse’s license and certificate information using direct contact with the entity or organization that granted the license, rather than relying on secondhand documentation or rumors. It can be conducted manually or through a system like Certemy that automates credentialing processes.

A primary source verification system checks the validity of a nurse’s license against the official database and flags any discrepancies immediately. Furthermore, the system notifies nurses when their licenses are up for renewal, ensuring they stay compliant with relevant regulatory requirements.

Benefits of Primary Source Verification

Making use of a primary source verification system like Certemy has the potential to bring numerous benefits to a holistic nurse. Primary source verification can reduce time wasted searching for license information, reduce exposure to risk from errors due to incorrect paperwork or data entry, and save staff administrative costs related to manual verification. Furthermore, the system collects and stores data in one secure and accessible location, providing complete visibility of all licenses and certifications.

License Tracking & Regulatory Compliance

License tracking systems like Certemy provide employers and healthcare professionals with improved visibility to track licenses, certifications, and any lapses in compliance. These systems enable employers to proactively audit and verify nursing qualifications without relying on potentially incomplete or outdated documentation.

Certemys license tracking system also helps to reduce paperwork by automatically tracking and managing licenses. It does this by providing pre-built workflows that are customizable and capable of automating the license application process as well as email notifications.

Improved Staff Utilization & Productivity

With license tracking software, employers are better informed and can better manage team resources. This facilitates organization-wide visibility on the qualifications of each nurse or healthcare worker.

Using the license tracking system also results in improved staff utilization and productivity. This is because the license application process is automated and streamlined rather than being time-consuming and paperwork-intensive.

Final notions

Overall, primary source verification and license tracking are proactive tools to monitor and verify qualifications of holistic nurses. Employers and healthcare workers can use primary source verification platforms such as Certemy to easily track and manage licenses and certifications in one secure location. The automated primary source verification process enables companies to ensure regulatory compliance and improve team productivity and utilization.


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