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The maintenance of professional licenses and certifications for an organizations workforce can be a complex process best handled through primary source Verification. Large companies, hospitals, and universities often require Compliance from their staff to ensure the credentials are verified and correctly used within their job roles. Primary source verification offers an automated system of primary source verification that confirms credentials are valid and up-to-date without the need for the numerous manual checks normally associated with license tracking.

Simply put, primary source verification provides employers with a risk management tool that allows organizations to track each employees license, certification, and credential in one system of record in real-time. With this automated license tracking solution, employers are able to stay ahead of regulatory compliance, improve staff utilization, increase team productivity, and provide complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program.

To better understand primary source verification, let?s focus on a specific example – the certified aesthetic nurse specialist. This certification is a specialty field within the nursing profession and requires nurses to complete their CANS (Certified Aesthetic Nursing Specialist) educational course consisting of three semesters. Passing each of these semesters is required for certification.

Certesy provides a cloud-based platform for healthcare providers who need to maintain multiple professional certifications. It is license verification system allows healthcare employers to track and manage licenses in real-time, and validate that each employee has met the qualifications needed to be eligible for certification. Certesy’s primary source verification system automates the arduous task of license and credential tracking for healthcare organizations and their personnel.

Using Certesy’s license verification system, employers can quickly audit their workforce and record compliance through their intuitive dashboard that captures and stores complete employee information. This feature allows a variety of customizable searches to show who is compliant, who is missing credentials, and which credentials are still in process. In addition, it allows employers to run customizable reports such as a license/certificate tracker report or a license/certificate expiration report.

The primary source verification system from Certesy can help organizations manage their workforce in order to meet compliance regulations while giving employers visibility into the entire process. Certification organizations, such as certifying bodies and license boards, are able to validate certifications securely so employers can be sure their personnel are meeting the necessary compliance standards. Certesy?s primary source verification system is used by some of the largest US employers to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.

In summary, primary source verification helps organizations stay ahead of the curve when it comes to employment compliance. Automated license tracking solutions such as Certesy increase productivity, reduce manual labor, minimize risk, and offer visibility into the entire compliance cycle.


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