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Oncology certified nurses (OCN) provide specialized care for patients with cancer. They have completed extensive training and exams, and must maintain their certifications by undergoing an ongoing process of renewal. However, with so many OCNs practicing in different locations, it can be difficult for employers to ensure their compliance. Here is where primary source verification can help.

Primary source verification is an automated system that verifies the occupational licenses and certifications of employees, including oncology-certified nurses. It helps confirm that OCNs are actively engaged in the profession and that they remain in good standing with all regulatory agencies. With primary source verification, employers can reduce the risk of non-compliance and improve the utilization of their workforce.

What Is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is a process in which a verification vendor checks the official record of an individual’s credential to ensure its validity. It includes researching public and private databases to ensure that the person is properly licensed and certified to practice in their field. It also includes looking for any sanctions or disciplinary actions taken by regulatory agencies.

Primary source verification is the most reliable way to ensure accuracy and compliance. It eliminates the costly and time-consuming process of manually verifying credentials, which can take days or even weeks. It also offers employers peace of mind knowing that their workforce is qualified, licensed, and compliant.

The Benefits of Primary Source Verification for Oncology Certified Nurses

Primary source verification helps employers make sure their OCNs are up to date on their certifications and follow all applicable regulations. The verification process ensures that they have the current education and understanding of the standards and regulations in their field. Furthermore, it can help employers avoid costly fines and legal action by ensuring their workforce is compliant with all regulations.

Primary source verification can also offer peace of mind to patients seeking care from an OCN. Once the credentials are verified, potential patients can rest assured that the nurse is authorized to practice in their field. This reassurance can increase patient satisfaction and help to build trust in the professional relationship.

Another benefit of primary source verification is automated license tracking. This can help employers keep up with the certifications and regulations that change periodically. Automated license tracking can help employers stay on top of any changes to legislation, and alert them when certifications are about to expire. This makes it easier to provide the best possible care for patients and maintain regulatory compliance.

The bottomline

Primary source verification is an essential tool for ensuring the compliance of oncology-certified nurses. It enables employers to reduce the risk of noncompliance and the hassle of manually verifying credentials. It also offers patients peace of mind knowing that their nurses are properly licensed and certified. In addition, automatic tracking of licenses and certifications helps employers stay on top of changing regulations and maintain a compliant workforce.


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