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As Human Resource (HR) compliance programs become more complex, businesses must navigate a wide variety of requirements and regulations to ensure their organizations standards of compliance are met. Core to this process is the verification of professional licenses and certifications, a critical step in validating an operation’s compliance with relevant regulatory bodies. Just as important, this verification provides a signal of trust to other businesses and helps ensure that an organizations personnel are qualified to handle sensitive tasks and data.

But as companies attempt to manage this often laborious process, ensuring accuracy and timeliness can be a logistical challenge, particularly within large professional workforces. That?s why the proliferation of primary source verification technology, such as Certemys automated license tracking system, is becoming a necessity for HR compliance programs.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification technology enables businesses to conduct primary source verifications of their employees’ professional licenses and credentials. This technology verifies educational backgrounds, licenses, certifications, continuing education, and disciplinary records through automated searches and collects them securely and accurately in one central system.

By featuring automated searches, primary source verification technology streamlines the verification process, eliminating the manual and time-consuming search for each employees licenses. This automation also ensures accuracy and enhances the security of the data. And since information can be continually updated, businesses can be certain they?re leveraging the most current data for their compliance program.

The Benefits of Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification technology provides an array of benefits for HR compliance programs:

Real-time Tracking: Businesses can ensure that their employee credentials are consistently up-to-date with real-time tracking. With automated alerts and notifications for renewals and expirations, companies can rest assured that regulatory standards are met.

Improved Productivity: By leveraging a simple, intuitive platform, organizations can streamline the certificate renewal process. The automated workflow allows easy tracking and monitoring of the applications. Employees no longer have to endure a tedious paperwork process for renewal.

Risk Mitigation: By implementing primary source verification, organizations instantly increase the security of their data. Automated workflows guarantee that accurate and authenticated information is stored and applied across the organization.

Visibility and Control: Businesses can have full visibility and control of their compliance programs with pre-built workflows. This helps organizations more easily track, analyze, and maintain their HR compliance.

Primary source verification technology provides a powerful tool for businesses to protect their license and certification data in the most effective and secure way possible. By recognizing the importance of accurate credential tracking, organizations are able to build trust in their employees, reduce administrative costs, and sustain higher levels of compliance and operational efficiency.


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