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Compliance and risk management are constant concerns for organizations and their HR departments. Ensuring that employees maintain active occupational licenses and certifications is a tedious process that often requires significant time and resources. Employers rely on primary source verification, which means confirming certifications and licenses directly from the issuing source, in order to remain compliant and appropriately manage risks associated with potential liabilities.

Certemy, a leader in license verification, offers an automated platform that validates occupational licenses and certifications from their issuing sources. The system provides complete visibility and control of compliance programs, and helps employers stay ahead of regulatory compliance. With Certemy, realistic tracking of employee licenses and credentials is available in one system of record, allowing organizations to improve team productivity and visibility.

License Verification with Automation and Primary Source Verification

Certemy provides a fully-automated solution with primary source verification to ensure that employee license data is always up to date. Employers can track all active, expired, or terminated licensures and certifications as soon as it is updated in the issuing source. Certemys system is integrated with each licensing agency, so every employee license and certification can be validated in the same platform, regardless of the issuing source.

The system is also able to track changes in a professional?s qualifications that led to any alterations in their license and certification status. This can include changes in specialty, job titles, or work site locations. Certemys platform uses this data to ensure that organizations maintain compliance with the regulations issued by each licensing board.

Fully Configurable Workflows and Automation of License Applications

Certemys workflows are designed to be fully-configurable and allow for an automated license application process. Organizations can set up automated workflows to track, monitor, and verify employees? Certification & Licensure status and license renewal processes. This makes it easier for HR departments to stay on top of any updates related to licensure, certifications, or the regulations of the related licensing agencies.

Organizations can customize the workflows, either to build their own or use an existing template, to better manage compliance within their organizations. Additionally, employers can grant access to other users, such as It istaff, to have view-only access of the system.

Leveraging Certemy for Compliance and Risk Management

Employers can leverage the automated license verification system provided by Certemy to accurately monitor their compliance and risk management programs. Staff utilization improves, while the potential for fines or liabilities is reduced from human errors associated with manual license tracking and paperwork. Organizations also benefit from real time tracking of employee licenses ensuring their Human Resources department is up-to-date with all employee credentials.

Certemy is providing organizations with a standardized approach to managing compliance and risk management programs through license verification with automation and primary source verification. Employers are able to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization while ensuring regulatory compliance.


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