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The need to hire employees with the right licenses and certifications is essential for ensuring that organizations and businesses are compliant with pertinent regulations. The challenge is in ensuring that the credentials that these professionals present are up to date and accurate. This can be achieved through a process known as primary source Verification (PSV). PSV is the practice of confirming the credentials and licenses of an individual with the issuing authority. This method can help reduce legal and financial risks while increasing the accuracy, confidence, and legality of the recruitment process.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is the process of obtaining confirmation from the original issuing authority for credentials or licenses, such as an occupational license or certification. This includes running a background check to confirm the individual?s identity as well as verifying that their credentials are valid.

In some professions, it is essential that the credentials are verified to ensure quality assurance, safety, and accuracy. An example of a profession that requires primary source verification is in the healthcare sector. Many health professionals need to have credentials, including accreditation, degrees, certifications, and licenses, to practice. To ensure safety and accuracy, organizations may require the credentials to be confirmed with the issuing body. Many healthcare organizations require primary source verification before hiring a new healthcare professional.

Verifying Professional Certifications & Licenses

Verifying professional certifications and licenses can be a daunting task due to the need to manually search through every individual credential holder to determine and confirm the validity of the credentials. To speed up the process, organizations and businesses have increasingly been turning to automated license verification tools. These automated verification tools provide an easy and efficient way to conduct primary source verification for employee credentials and licenses.

Certemy is a powerful and efficient license verification platform that allows organizations to quickly and accurately verify employee credentials while ensuring the validity of each certification and license. Certemy automates the verification of employee licenses and certifications from numerous primary sources, including state and federal legal databases, government agencies, and trade associations. This allows organizations to increase the accuracy and speed of their license verification process while simultaneously mitigating risk and assuring Compliance.

The Benefits of Automated Credential Verification

Automated credential verification provides organizations with numerous advantages when it comes to ensuring accuracy and compliance. Automated license verification tools can save time and money while also reducing risks. These tools allow organizations to keep track of their employee credentials, quickly access information on the issuing bodies of the credentials, and track credential statuses. Additionally, many license verification platforms offer automated workflows and notifications to keep organizations up to date on expiring or incomplete credentials.

Automated credential verification through Certemy also increases staff utilization and effectiveness by giving administrators visibility into their organizations credentials and resource utilization. This increases transparency over who in the organization holds active credentials and can help identify individuals who are underused. Automated license tracking also reduces the need for manual searches, further increasing staff utilization and productivity.

Wrapping up

Primary source verification is essential for ensuring compliance and accuracy in credential verification. Automated license verification is one way to increase the accuracy and speed of the credential verification process while also reducing risks and increasing staff utilization. Certemy provides a robust and efficient software platform that helps organizations and businesses accurately verify employee credentials with primary source verification.


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