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The importance of accurate and current licensure Verification for the Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurse (CASN) professional is essential for employers, regulatory bodies, and colleges. Ensuring the legitimacy of credentials and certifications require a primary source verification process, which can be time-consuming and expensive for Compliance and operations teams. By embracing secure and cost-effective primary source verification with Certemy, employers, regulatory boards, and training centers can rest assured that each certification and license is genuine.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is the process by which an employer, or another party, validates that someone has met the benchmarks for a professional, certification, license, or degree. The strongest form of primary source verification utilizes direct contact with the original source for a particular license or certification, typically through a series of phone calls, emails, and other forms of communication.

Why is Primary Source Verification Necessary?

Primary source verification is an essential part of the credentialing process for CASN personnel and other medical professionals to lend credibility to their credentials and ensure best practice guidelines are implemented. This helps to verify that candidates have completed the sound educational foundation and met the criteria to perform their respective roles. Also, primary source verification is necessary to help combat fraudulent credentialing, and protect the reputation of healthcare organizations by ensuring the safety and quality of their patients? care.

Benefits of Certemys Primary Source Verification Platform

Certemy is committed to helping employers and regulatory boards ensure that healthcare personnel are certified and licensed with the utmost accuracy and security. As the leading license verification platform, Certemy delivers an automated primary source verification process for both initial and ongoing credentials. This means that employers can verify initial credentials for CASN nurses and other medical staff, as well as view and monitor the ongoing validity of all credentials and certifications.

Certemys automated primary source verification offers organizations several other unique benefits, including:

Complete visibility and control of an organizations workforce compliance program

Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record

Automatically track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification

Improved team productivity and visibility across the entire organization

Pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license application processes

How Does Certemy Ensure Primary Source Verification?

Certemys automated primary source verification platform works by authenticating current credentials for the quality and accuracy of the data received from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) and other respected regulatory boards. The platform helps employers to protect against fraud and identity theft through user authentication protocols and data encryption techniques.

Certemys platform also adds value to organizations by helping them stay ahead of regulatory compliance across multiple levels of credentialing. By ensuring that licensure and certifications are properly reported and upgraded at each stage, organizations can ensure that credentials are current and easily viewable to aid in decision making.

To summarize

A secure and efficient primary source verification solution is critical for CASN personnel, regulatory boards, and employers. Certemys automated primary source verification platform helps provide a more comprehensive monitoring of credentials and certifications for the Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurse to ensure that healthcare personnel meet the stringent requirements in high-performance healthcare environments.


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