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Becoming a Certified Breast Feeding Counselor (CBC) and protecting the health of breast feeding mothers requires more than a certification. Ensuring that CBCs remain up to date with their certifications, while monitoring for any disciplinary actions or license suspensions, requires a comprehensive primary source Verification system. Such a system provides employers assurance that CBCs comply with industry regulations and are licensed to offer services, and it helps protect the mothers they are serving.

Certemy is leading the way in providing license verification and confirming that CBCs’ credentials are active, appropriately-renewed, and free of any sanctions. Our automated system is designed to track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification, giving employers a single system of record for all of their employees. With workflows that are completely configurable and the ability to stay ahead of regulatory Compliance, employers gain access to meaningful, real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials.

How Certemy Helps Monitor Certification and License Compliance

Certemy requires continuous updating of CBC credentials. It uses primary source verification to ensure that licenses are versioned within 30 days of expiration, or are properly renewed. Any license suspensions, sanctions, or disciplinary actions are also detectable using the Certemysystem. This helps employers remain on top of changing licensing regulations and protects them from financial penalties or liability.

The Certemy Dashboard

The Certemy Dashboard is the single system of record for CBCs. It provides employers with complete visibility into compliance across their entire workforce. Administrators can easily set up automated job alerts for each CBC to make sure their license is kept up-to-date. Admin alerts are also triggered when a CBC?s license is about to expire, so the employer remains in compliance.

Key Benefits of Primary Source Verification

Certifying breast feeding counselors require employers to remain compliant with all regulations. Primary source verification is a regulatory best practice to protect both mother and employer. Certemys primary source verification system has been trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States. Here are four key benefits of this system:

1. Automated License Tracking and Primary Source Verification

Certemy allows employers to track employee licenses and credentials in real time, making sure that CBCs maintain current certifications. With primary source verification, employers can be sure that licenses are valid and up-to-date.

2. Improved Team Productivity

Certemy is designed to save time for employers, reducing the manual burden of tracking license and compliance paperwork. This opens up team members to address other project initiatives.

3. Mitigate Risk and Improve Staff Utilization

Primary source verification helps employers stay ahead of any changes in regulations, ensuring that they remain compliant. It also provides assurance that CBCs are properly utilizing their licenses and providing quality care.

4. Leverage Pre-Built Workflows

With Certemy, employers can take advantage of pre-built workflows that have been customized to fit their specific needs. Employers can configure these automated processes for their own business license application processes.

The Bottom Line

Employers need to stay on top of employee licensing and certification compliance, particularly for Certified Breast Feeding Counselors (CBCs). Certemy offers a comprehensive, automated system that helps employers remain in compliance with industry regulations, monitored in real-time. Our primary source verification system protects both the employer and the CBCs providing quality care for mothers.


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