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Certified Corrections Nurses provide critical care for inmates in correctional and prison facilities. Becoming certified requires a high level of nursing knowledge and expertise that can be confirmed through primary source Verification. This can help ensure that only qualified and licenced nurses are hired and employed in corrections departments.

Primary source verification (PSV) is a critical component for corrections nurses for several reasons. First, by verifying that the individual is properly certified and has not had any records of discipline or sanctions in the past. Second, PSV also provides real-time tracking of all nurse’s credentials, making it easier to keep up with which credentials are up-to-date and which require renewal or recertification. Finally, PSV can save time and effort in the recruitment and onboarding process, as it verifies credentials quickly and efficiently, making sure no unnecessary delays occur.

Primary source verification is a key component in making sure a corrections nursing department is properly staffed with qualified personnel. To ensure primary source verification is comprehensive, secure, and accurate an automated system should be deployed. This system should be regularly audited to check for accuracy and reliability.

Certemy is a leader in automating primary source verification. It provides a secure, real-time tracking of licenses and credentials to help corrections nursing departments remain compliant with regulations. Certemy also delivers a comprehensive suite of automated workflows, making license application processes more efficient. This helps reduce errors, delays and manual labor costs associated with manual license tracking. As an added bonus, it is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States, so corrections nursing departments can rest assured that they are in good hands.

Using an automated primary source verification system can dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to track and manage licenses and certifications across a corrections nursing department. By automatically verifying credentials, it eliminates errors and delays that can occur with manual license tracking. It also provides complete visibility and control over workforce Compliance requirements.

In summary, primary source verification helps make sure that only qualified personnel are hired by corrections departments and help ensure those departments remain compliant with regulations. By using an automated primary source verification system such as Certemy, the time and effort required to track licenses and certifications can be greatly reduced. It also provides a secure and reliable system that ensures only licensed and certified nurses are employed in corrections departments.


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