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Being in charge of occupational licensing Compliance can be a challenge; it requires tracking the activities of each employee, from certifications and licenses to renewals and expirations. Not only is this a time-consuming task, there is also the high risk of mismanagement which can lead to legal and financial consequences. That?s why businesses are increasingly turning to automated primary source Verification (PSV) systems to help them streamline and improve their workforce compliance programs.

Primary source verification is a process for validating a professional?s license, certification, or credential. It ensures a business is employing only qualified professionals who are in good standing with their certifying board, and reduces the risk of fraud or negligence.

For dialysis nurses, primary source verification is essential for making sure a high level of compliance is kept for patients and facilities. Listed below are the benefits of primary source verification for this important profession:

Benefits of PSV for Dialysis Nurses

Real-Time License Tracking

Using a primary source verification system allows businesses to keep track of all employee licenses and credentials in one place. It eliminates the need to manually track these credentials, and instead offers a ?set it and forget it? approach that gives businesses the assurance that their dialysis nurses are always compliant and up-to-date. It also helps ensure that the necessary steps are taken to renew certifications or licenses in a timely manner.

Mitigate Risk and Improve Staff Utilization

Having an automated system in place can help businesses ensure their licensee and credentialed employees are professionally active and appropriately renewed. It also minimizes the risk of legal and financial consequence due to negligence or fraud. In addition, having these credentials verified and in one place allows businesses to make the most of their workforce through better allocation of staff and resources.

Ease Regulatory Compliance

With an automated system for PSV, organizations are always up-to-date with regulations and requirements. It isimplifies the license validation process and streamlines the compliance process, allowing organizations to make sure their employees are compliant without a hassle. This eliminates the threat of penalties due to regulatory errors or non-compliance.

Taking Control of Your Workforce Compliance

Certemys automated primary source verification system is a powerful tool for businesses to keep compliant with regulatory conditions and stay on top of employee licensing and credentialing. The system provides complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program, with automated license tracking and primary source verification. Businesses are able to track licenses and certifications in real-time and improve productivity through automated processes.

The system is trusted by many large US employers and is used to reduce the risk of negligence and fraud while maximizing staff utilization and efficiency. Certemy can help businesses improve their workforce compliance program and make sure all employees are verified and compliant with their professional credentials.


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