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The world of healthcare is continually evolving, meaning the professionals who make up the industry must continuously maintain a valid license in order to practice. From nurses to radiologists, healthcare professionals must be regularly re-certified, licensed and up-to-date on their qualifications in order to provide essential and quality healthcare services.

To meet this challenge, employers have historically had to track and manage health care licenses manually, a process that is both expensive and time consuming. Recently, automated license Compliance platforms, such as Certemy, have arisen to streamline and simplify the process of tracking and managing licenses for health care professionals.

Primary source Verification (PSV) offers a convenient and efficient way for employers to validate whether or not a healthcare professional?s license and qualifications are up-to-date and legitimate. This process involves a direct company-to-company connection which verifies a license with a governmental agency or organization, ensuring that covered individuals are who they say they are and appropriately credentialed.

Certemy is the leading PSV platform, and provides employers with an automated process to ensure and maintain license compliance. This groundbreaking system uses an intuitive user-interface to track, manage, and verify credentials across an employer?s entire workforce, making it easy to stay compliant with state and federal regulations.

Optimal Visibility and Control of Credential Data with Certemy

Certemy offers employers optimal visibility and control of all credential data, including licenses and certifications. This comprehensive solution automatically tracks and manages healthcare professionals? qualifications in one convenient system of record. This streamlines the process of tracking qualifications particularly when employees move to different units or locales and when jobs and responsibilities change.

By leveraging these automated tracking and management systems, employers can ensure they are remaining compliant with local and federal regulations. Auto-alerts can also be configured to ensure managers always know when a healthcare professional?s license is due to expire as well as when they have to renew other credentials. This helps to save both time and money, by alerting managers to renewal needs in advance and avoiding potential administrative sanctions.

Streamline Processes & Improve Team Productivity

Certemys automated tracking and management capabilities also facilitate the process of license application. Pre-built workflows can be used and customized according to an employer?s particular needs, allowing users to quickly design and implement their own license application processes. These processes can also be used to streamline administrative tasks such as creating and sending renewal requests.

Overall, Certemy helps employers to improve team efficiency and productivity by creating visibility and reducing compliance related risks and burden. By leveraging this automated system, employers can rest easy knowing that licensing and credentialing for their healthcare professionals is up-to-date and compliant.


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