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Occupational licenses and certifications are critical to ensuring workforce compliance in the United States, especially in industries such as plastic surgery. Organizations must ensure that their team members are actively working within the rules and regulations of the industry, which is why it is essential to have a clear view and control over employee credentials and licenses. Primary source verification provides organizations with a way to gain visibility and save time, reduce risk and increase utilization rates.

Primary source verification is a way of verifying information direct from the source agency or institution and is the best practice for ensuring accuracy and accountability. This process verifies that an employees licenses and certifications are active and up-to-date, as well as free from disciplinary actions. With automated licenses, tracking and primary source verification processes, companies can ensure they are staying ahead of compliance regulations.

Real-Time Tracking of Licenses and Credentials

Organizations need a reliable system to track employee licenses, credentials and certifications in real-time. This will ensure that the latest up-to-date employee information is available, reducing the risk of non-compliance risks. To make this easier, many employers are beginning to use automated systems and primary source verification in order to save time and increase efficiency.

By allowing the system to take care of the difficult tasks of primary source verification, these systems are able to provide organizations with a streamlined process to review and track employee licenses and credentials. Automated systems can be customized to fit the specific needs of an organization, allowing them to configure the workflows to suit their specific requirements. For example, these systems can be programmed to auto-update any changes to employee credentials and certifications, ensuring that the system is always up-to-date.

Improve Team Functionality and Visibility Across the Organization

Primary source verification helps employers to improve team productivity by identifying and addressing any discrepancies and compliance issues as soon as possible. By allowing the organization to have a quick overview of all of its employees, employers can quickly assess any potential risks and implement measures to address them accordingly. This can improve team utilization, reducing any potential penalties or compliance failings.

Furthermore, this process can help to improve visibility across the entire organization. With a full overview of the employees credentials and certifications in one system, the organization can easily view any relevant information and take appropriate action. Organizations can be sure that they are meeting their compliance targets with automated tracking and verification processes.

Certemy Does Primary Source Verification Right

At Certemy, we understand the importance of primary source verification to ensure workforce compliance. We have developed an automated system that is certified by some of the largest employers in the United States, allowing them to save time, reduce risk and improve staff utilization. Our primary source system verifies and tracks employee credentials and licenses with full visibility and control, providing a comprehensive overview of the workforce.

We also have a range of pre-built workflows that can be configured to suit the requirements of an organization. Our systems are user-friendly and allow our clients to quickly access the pertinent information they need in order to ensure that their teams are meeting the necessary regulations.


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