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Primary source Verification (PSV) is a process by which employers can quickly, accurately, and reliably confirm the validity of occupational licenses and professional certifications across their staff. This process increases visibility and provides a greater degree of control over Compliance, mitigating potential risks and ensuring staff utilization is in line with applicable regulations. It can also help employers maintain an accurate record of licenses and certifications, providing a central system for tracking and managing all employee credentials.

But in order for the PSV process to be effective, there needs to be real-time movement of data between multiple systems and primary sources. Many organizations have multiple sIt is or locations with varying degrees of compliance, making the task of getting the right data even more challenging. To successfully streamline the PSV process, employers need an automated system that can quickly and accurately verify current employee credentials.

Certemy provides such a system with an automated primary source verification that instantly verifies occupational licenses and certifications throughout the US. This comprehensive system offers employers the flexibility they need to manage and track licenses and certifications across all levels of their organization.

Certemy leverages its advanced algorithms to rapidly determine the validity of professional credentials. With Certemy, employers can quickly validate the current status of employee credentials and remain compliant in meeting all applicable regulations. Certemys automated system supports workforce compliance management by validating licenses and certifications across the entire organization.

Unlike manual processes that are prone to errors and prone to significant delays, Certemys automated system provides employers with real-time tracking of their employee licenses and credentials. This allows employers to keep accurate employee records. Additionally, with Certemys pre-built workflows, users can quickly configure the system to automate license application processes.

Certemys comprehensive license verification system is trusted by some of the largest US companies to save time, reduce the potential risk of non-compliance, and improve employee utilization. With Certemy, employers can ensure their team is up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements and can focus on their core business objectives.


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