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Staying compliant with certifications and licenses can be a monumental task for schools when it comes to nursing staff. While individual standard checks are all that is required by many states, the verification and tracking process can be complex and time consuming. As such, many school districts are turning to primary source verification with automated license tracking and primary source verification. This ensures that any nursery nurse is cleared and has a valid, active license in order to practice in a school setting.

Certemy is leading the charge with a state-of-the-art system to track and manage licenses and certifications across staff members. With this system, school districts are confident that all nurses have not only the appropriate licenses, but that they have also been cleared and renewed without any sanctions or disciplinary issues. In addition, this system gives schools better control of their staff compliance program and tracking. With Certemy, schools have automated license tracking and primary source verification with real-time tracking of employee credentials and licenses all in one system.

The Certemysystem also helps schools save time and streamline its processes. Among the core features of Certemy is pre-built workflows that are configured to automate the license application processes, creating a more efficient and seamless system. This includes the National Certified School Nurse (NCSN) certification, the foundational certification required for school nurses. Certemy ensures that staff members with NCSN certifications are verified and current, while flagging any expired or disciplinary issues. This helps schools comply with state regulations while simultaneously creating a due diligence safety net.

In addition to nurses, Certemy also offers a number of other certifications and license tracking methods for teachers, supervisors, administrators and other school personnel. This streamlined system helps keep all activities and credentials in one central database to be accessed easily by the school’s administrators. This system also creates a more efficient workforce with improved staff utilization and visibility across the entire organization.

Finally, Certemy has extensive customer support available to handle any questions or inquiries about setting up the system and verifying certifications. School districts are often the target of intense scrutiny, and the Certemysystem offers an assurance that compliance is simple to maintain and track for any organization. From helping school faculty maintain their certifications, to providing assurance to the school and parents about the qualification of the nurses working with their children, Certemy offers an all-encompassing platform for school licensing and workforce compliance.


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