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Leading companies depend on Certemy to ensure employee licensing regulations and restrictions are understood and followed, characterize risk management, and optimize their workforce production with automated license tracking and verification. Certemy works as an all-in-one license tracking and verification solution that integrates with existing human resource operational software, such as SAP, enabling compliance departments to stay in tune with the compliance of employee credentials and qualifications, ultimately building trust between customers and employees.

Through Certemys license verification process, human resource departments can easily track and verify employees? credentials and qualifications in just a few clicks. This automated primary source verification system validates occupational licenses and certifications to make sure they are in good standing, up-to-date, and have no disciplinary actions. By having real-time visibility of licenses and credentials, Certemy assists HR departments in maintaining a safe and efficient workforce.

The challenge for any business is the compliance of employee qualifications while facing a competitive landscape where time is of the essence. Whether you are a small or large organization, Certemys automated license tracking and verification platform can provide the visibility and control needed to comply with proper occupational licensing and ensure workforce productivity.

Certemy ensures that HR departments have complete visibility of employee licenses and qualifications in one system of record. Its integrative platform connects with existing HR operational software, drastically reducing the need to manually track the validity of employee credentials. Additionally, Certemys pre-built workflows also make the license application process much faster and effective as regulatory compliance is constantly tracked.

Certemys all-in-one license tracking and verification solution can help your organizationsave time and money by mitigating the risk of ever-changing licensing regulations and ensuring staff utilization. This primary source verification system offers the control needed to build trust with customers and increase team productivity and visibility across the entire organization.


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