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Are you looking for a license Verification solution for your Certified Nurse Midwives? Certemy has an automated primary source verification system that validates and tracks professional licenses and certifications across your employees, ensuring they remain active, properly renewed, and free of disciplinary actions. This comprehensive license tracking system gives you complete visibility and control over your Compliance program, helping you stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements, save time and effort, and increase staff utilization.

Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification system offers real-time tracking of CNM licenses and credentials in one secure place. Our innovative workflows are fully configurable and designed to automate license application processes, so you can substantially reduce manual tasks and improve the productivity and visibility of your entire team.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification (PSV) is the practice of verifying a license or credential is currently active and in good standing by contacting an original source such as the issuing agency, organization, or certifying body. PSV is used to validate that your nurses are properly licensed and haven?t had any disciplinary actions taken against them as required by regulatory bodies.

The Benefits of Leveraging Automated Primary Source Verification

Certemys automated primary source verification system offers numerous benefits for CNM license tracking operations. Our system:

Eliminates the need to manually check each license or certificate individually

Gives you easy, real-time visibility into the status of your licenses

Helps you stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements

Enables you to mitigate risk and save time

Improves staff utilization

Provides automated and configurable workflows for license applications

How Certemy Automates the License Tracking Process

Certemy works with regulatory agencies to access up-to-date license information and update information on CNMs in real-time. All the data is securely stored in our cloud-based system, which allows for easy access and updates.

The automated license application process works as follows:

    When a new license is procured by a state, Certemy pulls all of the licensee?s information, including any preferred language, mailing address, and specialty certificates.

    Certemysecurely stores all of the data in its primary source verification system.

    License information is tracked and monitored on a regular basis and updated with any changes.

    The license application data is used to generate automatic alerts whenever a license is near renewal to ensure prompt action.

    The primary source verification system also allows you to track any disciplinary actions taken against CNMs in your network, ensuring your compliance program remains up-to-date.

The bottomline

Certemys primary source verification system is designed to make license tracking easy and efficient for CNMs and those responsible for confirming their license status and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our system automates the process, eliminates manual data entry, and provides real-time visibility into your network?s license status. With Certemys PSV system you have all the tools and information needed to manage your certification and licensing requirements and stay ahead of regulatory compliance demands.


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