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Modern day dental practices require competent dental hygienists, but compliance surrounding the professional licenses and certifications associated with their work can be a obstacle. Primary source verification is an essential tool for employers to ensure the licenses and certifications of their dental hygienists are compliant with state and national requirements.

Primary source verification is the process of challenging the accuracy of publicly recorded license information. A health care organization, for example, can use the credentials of a dental hygienist to ensure that the worker meets all of the qualifications specific to their position. The process involves a system of checks and balances to verify the identity and details of the dental hygienist. Once a dental hygienist is verified as compliant, employers can hire or retain them with peace of mind.

Understanding why primary source verification is important is the foundation for how employers should approach managing the compliance of their dental hygiene workforce. It is important to have a core understanding of the complexities of your healthcare organizations legal requirements, and how each of its dental hygienists fit within the organizational structure.

Employers must keep track of licenses and associated information diligently, as lapsed certifications may result in fines and penalization from regulatory bodies. Primary source verification can help employers determine that each license for each dental hygienist is valid and current.

Software programs, such as Certemy, allow employers to set up automated notifications and reminders to alert staff when license renewal is due. This further ensures that there are no lapses or discrepancies in the compliance process. Certemy is a universal license verification platform that provides employers with easy access to state and national licensee data. Their automated license tracking system organizes license information in one place for easy review.

Additionally, Certemy can provide employers with a full picture of their healthcare organizations compliance records. With its reporting capabilities, employers can easily generate audit reports that summarize license data across multiple departments and locations, allowing for precise monitoring and adjustments when needed.

In addition to facilitating the assurance of legal compliance with state and national regulations, Certemy can also help employers reduce staffing costs . Automated primary source verification reduces the need for manual document processing and verification, allowing employers to focus resources on other tasks.

Primary source verification is an essential part of managing and maintaining compliance as a dental practice. Automated systems like Certemy provide employers with an easy to use, accurate and timely way to manage the compliance of their dental hygiene workforce, reducing the cost and effort associated with manual processes.


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