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Primary source verification (PSV) is an important part of any workforce compliance program. It involves verifying an individual’s occupational license or certification by checking their credentials with the appropriate state or national licensing agency. The purpose of PSV is to ensure that the license or certification is valid, correctly renewed, and up to date with no current disciplinary actions.

The need for PSV has become increasingly important as organizations become responsible for assuring their employees have the necessary qualifications to do their job and maintain standards of competence. Without the ability to quickly and easily verify the credentials of a workforce member, organizations can run the risk of inadequate or wrongful certification, leading to regulatory fines and risk exposures that can be expensive to address.

PSV can also be used for onboarding processes, where specific licensures or certifications are required in order to start a new job or shift. This alleviates the need for duplicate background checks and reduces the time and effort involved in the staff hire process.

For organizations that use PSV as part of their workforce compliance program, there are a number of options available. Manual processes may involve individual employees or hiring managers downloading and filling out specific forms and submitting them to the appropriate licensing agency, which can be both timely and labor intensive.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated PSV system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across your employees, confirming that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. The automated verification system simplifies the process, reducing the time and resources it take to manage employee credentials.

With Certemy, you gain complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program. Automatically track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification. Stay ahead of regulatory compliance with automated license tracking and primary source verification. Trusted by some of the largest US employers to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.

Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record is an invaluable asset to any organization. Certemys automated system helps reduce the burden of manual processes and improved visibility across the entire organization.

Certemy also provides workflow automation based on pre-built processes that are fully customizable. This allows organizations to tailor the process to fit their specific needs and save time in the license application process.

By automating the primary source verification process, Certemy has become a leader in workforce compliance and in keeping organizations running on the cutting edge of compliance. Their automated license tracking and primary source verification system can save organizations time and money and increase the accuracy of their employee credential management.


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