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Primary Source Verification (PSV) is the process of confirming that someone holds an occupational license, certification, or other credentials. It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to check the credentials of their employees in order to comply with regulatory requirements and keep up with industry standards. Certemy is a primary source verification system that enables organizations to automate the process of tracking and managing licenses and certifications ? providing complete visibility and control of their workforce Compliance program.

What Is Certemy?

Certemy is a cloud-based technology platform that streamlines and simplifies the process of tracking and monitoring employee credentials. Integrating directly with primary source providers, it offers real-time visibility and control of licenses and certifications for the entire organization.

Certemy is a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes. Its automated license verification system can track the status of any degree, license, certification, or permit, keeping teams up-to-date with employee qualifications and ensuring the very latest version of any document is always available. The cloud-based platform, combined with single sign-on authentication, automated reminders, and detailed audit reports, helps to maximize staff utilization and compliance, enabling organizations to easily maintain their licensure compliance requirements.

Benefits of Certemy

Certemy is a highly organized and comprehensive primary source verification system that makes it easy to maintain and track the necessary licenses and certifications of a workforce. Some of the key benefits of redeploying the Certemy platform include:

? Automated Verification System: When new employees join the organization, Certemy ensures their credentials are verified automatically using its primary source verification system.

? Pre-Built Workflows: The platform uses pre-built workflows that are configurable and adjustable to streamline license application processes.

? Regulatory Compliance: The platform helps organizations maintain up to date licenses, certifications, and other credentials to remain compliant with the applicable regulations.

? Real-Time Tracking: Certemy provides real-time insight into an employees license and credential status across the entire organization, providing accurate, up to date information.

? Improved Productivity: As Certemy tracks licenses and credentials in one system of record, it reduces the burdens placed on HR departments, who can then focus their attention on more value-added work.

End thoughts

Certemy provides all the necessary tools needed to streamline the process of tracking employee credentials. It is trusted by some of the largest US employers, as it enables them to save time, minimize risks, and achieve maximum staff utilization. With its secure single sign-on authentication, automated arrangements, and detailed trailing reports, organizations of all sizes can benefit from Certemy.


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