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Occupational licensing is a set of regulations established by a government that require a person to obtain a license if they are to practice a specified profession. It is a critical aspect of workforce health and safety, and is necessary to ensure that employers have access to qualified employees. With the emergence of the Internet and digital technology, business models and the global job market have drastically changed, leading to an increased need for a well-regulated licensing system for all types of jobs. This is especially pertinent in the healthcare and medical profession, where mistakes can be deadly or costly.

Certemys primary source verification brings weight to the complex task of ensuring compliance with licensing requirements in the U.S. It gives employers, businesses, and organizational bodies the ability to authenticate and keep track of applicants’ professional, occupational, and/or curricular qualifications with ease and accuracy. This verification system helps to ensure legal compliance as well as quality assurance ? providing employers with the trust and confidence that the qualifications their employees possess are legitimate, up-to-date, and that those individuals are fully cleared and eligible to do the job in question.

Certemys advanced automatic primary source verification and continuous license tracking technology help HR teams to automate license application processes. This tool allows HR personnel to track and monitor licenses in one system of record, to ensure that their employees have their latest credentials securely stored and ready for inspection. With its integrated authorization proforma functionality, this system can also validate documents from educational institutions, or other authorized parties like a state or federal board. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the chances of entering incorrect information.

An important aspect of Certemys primary source verification system is its ability to identify expired credentials or any disciplinary action taken against an employee. As a tool in compliance monitoring, it will notify employers when an employees license is about to expire, or if any action has been taken against him/her. Certemy has a track record of providing advanced solutions for license renewal, enabling HR teams to better monitor and manage their workforce compliance program.

With Certemys primary source verification, employers can take advantage of secure automated primary source confirmation. This eliminates the risk of missed license expiry dates and any violations in license or certification requirements that could lead to costly legal action. Employers can subsequently trust that their employee qualifications are up-to-date and compliant.

Certemy has the resources, solutions, and reliable team of professionals needed to meet the demands of workforce compliance ? including the expertise to help verify the prominent and intricate aspects of the public sector.


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