License Verification Tool | Certified in Perinatal Loss Care

The goal of any organization is to ensure a productive and compliant workforce. To achieve this, organizations must stay up to date on employee licensing and credential requirements. For Human Resource Operations teams, this means managing a complex and often tedious process to ensure that employees? professional licenses and certifications are valid and in Compliance with applicable regulations. Certemys automated primary source license and certification Verification (LSV) system provides a single, secure source for validating and tracking employee credentials, making it easier to stay compliant while streamlining administrative processes for HR teams.

Certemys license management system enables you to validate professional licensure and certification statuses in real-time, from data sources trusted by global market and industry regulators. This provides the assurance that your employees are compliant with all licensing requirements and free from disciplinary action or sanctions. Keeping track of background information and credentials can be overwhelming, but with Certemy, the entire certification and institution data is consolidated with primary source verification.

When a staff member supplies an employer with a master level certification or license number, Certemy verifies the information with the original source regulator. This ensures that the credentials are up to date and transferred correctly from the individual state, certifying board, college, or issuing organization. It also allows your HR team access to comprehensive data and records from the issuing source in real-time.

The Certemy License Verification System (LSV) also streamlines the process of applying for and tracking multiple professional licenses for staff members with multi-state licensing requirements. Certemysimplifies the entire process by automating the manual processes and providing easy access to information across the multiple organizations. It helps ensure that employees are meeting all the requirements for their professional licensure.

Not only does Certemysimplify the complex process of managing employee professional licensure, it also takes the guesswork out of regulatory fees. HR can handle regulation changes with flexible and configurable workflows in the system that are based on individual company requirements, making it easier to decide when fees should be collected and in what amount.

The high standards expected in the realm of HR compliance can be daunting, but with Certemy, the job becomes easier. With advanced license verification capabilities, automated workflows, and integrated fee calculations, organizations can rest assured that employees are meeting licensing requirements and staying compliant.


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