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Improving workforce management can be a lengthy and complex process. Not only does Human Resource (HR) need to find and vet potential employees, but firm?s must ensure that their staff possess the necessary valid credentials and licenses to perform their official duties. Certemy is a comprehensive solution that helps companies in the United States with the automation of their workforce compliance program while ensuring all their employees possess the right certifications.

Certemys automated license verification system provides firms with real-time visibility and control of their workforce compliance. This service is highly valued by large employers due to the fact that it provides them with amazing benefits such as automated license tracking and verifications, prevention of cost overruns, and improved staff utilization. In addition, Certemy provides firms a platform with an easy and customizable workflow to streamline their license application process.

By offering a complete suite of services that fully evaluate the qualifications of a candidate, Certemy is a beneficial tool for HR teams. Companies are assured that only the best available people are working for them, accurately matching their licenses with their job description and duties. Certemy is especially suited to the educational sector, providing HR teams a way to quickly find those holding a relevant teaching certification or license in the specific subject their school requires.

The Certemy license verification system is powered by a large database of licensure records that guarantees accurate results. By connecting to primary sources in real-time, businesses are assured the latest license information is always accessible. This also enables them to be one step ahead of any regulatory compliance issues which can potentially lead into large fines or business closures.

The technology used in Certemy also allows HR teams to better track their staffs scheduled licenses and credentials. This offers a significant benefit by allowing teams to keep track of licenses during their entire lifecycle, removing a lot of manual efforts and paperwork. The automated tracking helps organizations instantly identify any license renewals or overdue updates and take proactive actions before any issues arise.

Certemys solution continues to be improved, currently offering pre-built workflows fully configurable to automate the licensing process. This feature is invaluable for businesses, as it reduces the entire process into just a few steps while still being robust enough to accompany all the necessary paperwork.

Overall, Certemy helps firms in the United States have a better control over their workforce compliance program. It provides a one-stop shop solution to track and manage licenses and certifications via an automated primary source verification. HR teams in the educational sector especially benefit from this service due to its improved staff utilization and automated license tracking.



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