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Running a business today means keeping track of a variety of resource oversight policies, not least of which is regulatory Compliance. As occupational licenses and certifications for various professionals have grown in complexity and in number, employers are often stretched to keep their workforce compliant, and worst of all, exposed to risk and penalties for non-compliance.

Certemy is an automated license Verification system that helps businesses and organizations streamline the license renewal process, track the expiration of license positions, and, most importantly, ensure their workforce is properly certified and in compliance with industry regulations.

What is License Verification?

License verification is a process of verifying that a professional is licensed to work in a particular jurisdiction. This process includes validating the professional’s credentials – qualifications, license status, training, or certifications. This is most often done in the form of primary source verification, also known as direct verification or paper/file review, in which the verifier contacts the professional’s licensing board or organization directly to obtain a copy of the professional’s license and status.

Primary source verification is considered the gold standard in license verification, as it involves the verifier in verifying the license and qualifications with the licensing board directly, giving the employer assurance that the credentials presented are legitimate. The primary source verification process is an important part of ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting employers from legal liability or penalties for having unlicensed professionals.

How Does Certemy Help with Primary Source Verification?

Certemy is a leader in helping employers comply with their regulatory obligations with a comprehensive license verification system. This system takes the burden of primary source verification off of the employer’s shoulders and automates the process, reducing their risk and ensuring compliance.

The automated Certemysystem streamlines the license verification process and tracks license and certification renewal reminders, ensuring more timely and accurate license renewal notifications so employers can constantly stay up-to-date on expiration dates. The system saves time and cost by providing employers with visibility and control of their licenses and certifications, as well as real-time tracking of their employee credentials.

The automated system of pre-built workflows and configurable settings in the Certemy platform allows employers to customize their workflow to reduce the effort needed to manage their license and certification renewal reminders and make license verification more efficient. Certemy also provides reporting and analytics so employers can better understand their compliance status.

Why Should Employers Choose Certemy?

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States for its commitment to liability protection and compliance with industry regulations. The automated license verification system provides employers with a centralized system of record so they have an accessible and comprehensive database of their employee licenses and credentials.

Using Certemy enables employers to streamline processes like license renewal reminders and affords them better insight and control over their regulatory compliance. It reduces the effort needed to manage and verify licenses, thus improving team productivity and efficiency, while also ensuring that employers are always ahead of potential regulatory issues and staying in compliance.


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