License Verification Tool | Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (Adult-Gerontology)

In an employer?s fast-paced world, Compliance and safety of its workforce is a high priority. Organizations are responsible for determining whether or not their staff members meet the required licensing and certification requirements of their profession and industry. Manual license Verification can come with a time consuming process without any guarantee of accuracy, leaving employers desperate for a better way to check the compliance of their professionals and stay on top of regulatory challenges. This is where Certemy comes in. Certemy is a leader in License Verification automation, providing employers with a primary source verification system that can accurately and comprehensively validate the occupational licenses and certifications of its workers.

Certemy provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, united in one centralized system, reinforcing employers with a secure and efficient way of evaluating compliance. Its automated system allows employers to efficiently manage licenses and certifications across their workforce, ensuring that certifications and licenses are up to date and free of sanctions and other disciplinary remedies. Compliance leads have the privilege of receiving immediate notification alerts regarding the expiration date of certifications and licenses, providing a proactive approach to avoid potential legal complaints.

Certemys highly secure system allows organizations around the world to track and manage license and certification status of their employees with ease. Employers have the advantage of automating the entire process including the tracking and filing of applications for license renewals. Additionally, Certemys pre-built and fully customisable workflows allow organizations to save both time and money, and get a more precise and accurate understanding of licensure information throughout each state.

The vendor interrogation and primary source verification engine enables employers to verify credentials within their organization and that any license or certification to be verified is obtained from approved entities. Certemy users can run periodic audits to ensure accuracy, and employees have the ability to upload their own license and certification documents, suitable for simplifying credential reviewing. Organizations can also maintain records for upcoming renewals, expired and open applications.

Certemy has taken the complexities out of manual license verification, allowing compliance teams to stay ahead of potential legal complications. Certemys enquiry management workflows offer an innovative way of verifying licenses and certifications with ease and accuracy. The automated system allows employers to exercise proper control and visibility over their staff compliance program, saving valuable time and improving staff utilization.


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