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In a world where competitive edge depends largely on the talent of your teams, compliance and standards of care must be taken into account. As an organization, ensuring employees maintain the appropriate level of professional credentials is integral to staying within the bounds of safety and legal requirements. A primary source verification system makes this process a breeze.

Primary source verification is an automated system designed to ensure that a companies employee records are up to date and their employees have the necessary licenses or certifications to perform their job duties. The system verifies that the employee has received the appropriate education, licensing and accreditation with each necessary governing body. This is an automated process that saves time and resources as well as mitigates risk.

When choosing a primary source verification system, it is important to look at the capabilities and working history within the desired industry. Certemy is a leader in the license verification space with a cutting-edge system to validate occupational licenses and certifications. With Certemy, companies have a single source of truth containing all employee licenses and credentials.

Certemys primary source verification system grants complete visibility and control of a companies compliance program. This automated system makes it easier to maintain and comply with license renewal and stay on top of necessary changes to the regulation. Through the Certemy portal, employers have the assurance that their employees are actively licensed, appropriately renewed and clear of any disciplinary actions or criminal records. This system gives employers value as it reduces many of the risks associated with the hiring and onboarding process.

Certemys system provides access to employee information from one central system of record. Simplifying and streamlining the event tracking, Certemys prebuilt automated workflows eliminate manual or redundant tasks while ensuring that applicable processes run smoothly, quickly and efficiently. Through the Certemy portal, employers are guided through each step and also receive timely notifications and updates.

Certemy is used by some of the largest employers in the US to save time, control costs and improve utilization. The system offers the flexibility to integrate into existing processes and can even be custom-configured to meet the specific needs of an organization. By automating the process of managing professional licenses, Certemy helps organizations focus on growth and strategy.

For any employer of nurses, Certemys primary source verification system provides an efficient, cost-effective solution for staying compliant while mitigating risk. Certemy doubles down on ensuring that all certified vascular nurses are secure in their professions and a valuable asset to the organization.


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