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The medical industry is an important part of ensuring patient safety and ensuring high quality care is delivered when needed. One of the major components of this is making sure that clinical staff are not only adequately trained and properly credentialed, but that their credentials remain valid and up-to-date. To make sure this happens, healthcare organizations rely on primary source Verification (PSV).

Primary source verification is the process of verifying that the credentials an applicant or clinical professional holds are likely to be accurate. To do this, you look to the original source of the qualification or credential. Many times, this means getting in touch with the issuing body, such as a professional association, university, or health organization. The purpose of PSV is to ensure that the credentials presented are current and accurate.

This process can become quite involved, as it requires a lot of back and forth between the healthcare organization and the issuing body. It can also become time consuming and resource intensive, as each credential needs to be verified. The process can be complicated further when the certifying body changes, meaning the requirements for verifying the credentials also change.

That?s where Certemy comes in. Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that reduces the burden of verifying staff credentials. The system takes away the hassle of manually tracking credentials and doing the back and forth with the issuing organizations, allowing you to quickly and easily check the credentials of your staff.

Using Certemy ensures that you have complete visibility and control of your workforce Compliance program. This is important, as it allows you to quickly and accurately determine who is qualified and compliant with current regulations. With Certemy, you get real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. This means that all of your compliance activities, from credentialing to application processes, are managed in one central system.

In addition, Certemy helps you improve your teams productivity by creating pre-built workflows that are fully configurable, allowing you to automate more of the process. This makes it easier and faster to check your staff?s credentials, freeing up more time to spend on other tasks.

Overall, Certemy helps your healthcare organization protect its staff compliance and gives you the peace of mind that your staff is appropriately qualified and credentialed. With its automated primary source verification system, It istreamlines the credentialing process and ensures that your employees remain compliant.


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