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For Human Resource operations, staying on top of staffing compliance is a never-ending task. With ever-changing regulations, businesses are now required to pay closer attention to licensing and credential certifications across their teams, particularly in organizations where staff interacts with customers and clients.

The best way to ensure that your compliance program is running smoothly is to make sure that all professional licensure and certifications are current and up-to-date for every member of your workforce. This is where a licensing primary source verification system comes in. It offers the ultimate level of accuracy in confirming that the credentials of your employees are valid and that there are no disciplinary actions or sanctions against any of them.

What Is a Licensing Primary Source Verification System?

A licensing primary source verification system allows you to quickly and accurately check the licenses of all of your personnel, no matter what qualifications they may have. This system can go through thousands of databases that track licensure and certifications in order to determine whether any of your staff is currently sanctioned or have any disciplinary actions against them. This includes checking state agencies, educational bodies, professional registration systems, and so on – the scope is quite comprehensive.

It is important to remember that as a business, you have a responsibility to ensure that all employees comply with relevant certification standards and laws. Using a licensing primary source verification system is an effective way to reduce any risks in this area, and ensure that any personnel issues are quickly identified and managed.

The Benefits of a Licensing Primary Source Verification System to Your Workforce Compliance Program

The first and foremost benefit of using a licensing primary source verification system is that it helps you to stay up-to-date with all of the regulatory requirements for licensing and certification. It allows you to easily validate the authenticity of any certification or licenses and – in the same way as other core elements of your program – react promptly when faced with any certification violations.

Another benefit is that your staff can easily manage their own certifications through the system. This allows them to take ownership of their credentials, rather than having to rely on the organization to manage it. It also reduces the amount of paperwork and administration needed to keep records updated, as the system keeps track of all licensure and certifications across the organization.

Finally, a licensing primary source verification system helps to reduce risks when onboarding new employees. By using the system, you can easily check and confirm any licenses or certifications required for a particular position. This will not only help to protect your organization but also help to reduce any potential legal liability or exposure.

Implementing a Licensing Primary Source Verification System

An efficient and effective way to implement a licensing primary source verification system is by using a platform such as Certemy. Certemy is a leader in the field of license verification, providing an automated primary source system that can quickly and accurately validate the occupational licensure of your workers, and give you complete visibility and control of your compliance program.

Certemys system can automatically track and manage licenses and certifications and leverages pre-built workflows ? with full configurability options ? to automate license application processes. The system also offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, giving you quick and easy access to important compliance information.

Last reflections

Ultimately, having a system in place to manage license and certification information for your staff is essential for any organization. A comprehensive primary source verification system such as Certemy enables you to easily comply with any licensing requirements, reduce the amount of paperwork and administration, and maintain trust and confidence with customers and clients.


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