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The medical field is a field where certifications and license verification are vital. Radiology nurses specifically need to have their licenses verified to protect their patients, hospitals, and practices. A certified radiological nurse is required to hold a valid license endorsed by the state nursing board and in good standing with all other pertinent legal agencies. To ensure compliance, hospitals must employ a skilled radiologic nurse who has been properly vetted and whose credentials are verifiable.

In the past, the burden of validating credentials was placed on the hospital or practice staff. This method was cumbersome and time consuming. It involved constantly searching and updating records, ensuring that all documents are accurate and up to date. Additionally, staff had to bear the responsibility of actively and manually monitoring each nurse?s license status, taking additional time away from providing patient care.

Now, thorough and comprehensive license verification can be streamlined using primary source verification technology. With automated primary source verification, hospital and healthcare staff can easily and quickly access the necessary records they need. This process will allow nurses to be vetted and certified more quickly and with less hassle.

Certemy is a leading provider of automated primary source verification technology that validates radiologic nurse licenses and certifications. This system provides complete visibility into the workforce compliance program. It tracks and manages licenses and certifications with primary source verification to ensure compliance with state regulations and policy.

Certemys primary source verification technology provides a system of record keeping to track employee licenses and credentials in real-time. This allows for improved productivity and visibility across the organization. Additionally, businesses can use pre-built workflows for their license application processes that are both configurable and automated.

The streamlined technology provided by Certemy can save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization. By providing automated primary source verification, Certemy can make the license verification process easier, allowing nurses to devote more of their time to providing direct care. This allows hospital and healthcare staff to focus on providing quality care to their patients.


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