Telehealth Compliance

The telemedicine industry is highly subject to regulation aimed at patient safety and data security. As the Head of Finance within such a sector, compliance risk management is paramount. Certification tracker software provides an effective way to reduce the risk of noncompliance and all the associated negative outcomes.

Certification tracker software helps an organization track, review, and update both the certification of their workforce and evidence of all required regulatory compliance certifications. Tracking certifications across the organization alleviates the potential exposure to compliance risk by ensuring all credentials are appropriate for the respective role and that all training, continuing education and recertification requirements are maintained and current. Additionally, the software can provide automated alerts and reminders of impending expirations to the staff and corrections that need to be submitted.

Operating under approved regulations, such as those of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Telemedicine Act of 2019 require organizations provide evidence to third party auditors that their staff, processes, and data all meet the necessary standards. Certification tracker software helps provide this due diligence tracking with consolidated proof that all systems and personnel are compliant.

The software offers both practical and legal advantages when it comes to meeting applicable regulatory requirements. Not only will this tool help an organization remain compliant, but it also provides functions that enable tracking and monitoring of changes so that current and future certifications are accurate and up-to-date. Such records demonstrate that an organization is taking the steps necessary to ensure appropriate policies and procedures are in place and that performance is managed consistent with quality standards.

Moreover, important reporting features provide for detailed and summative data relevant to the multiple compliance statutes. Risk mitigation plans can be created, edited and updated using the alerting features and included history of certifications provides a traceable record to ensure completeness of the data necessary for the organization to remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

In closing, certification tracking software is a practical and efficient tool for reducing the risk of noncompliance. It can help an organization maintain up-to-date records of credentialing and compliance certification which provide access to reliable data which may be useful as evidence in the event of unannounced audits or investigations. With this in mind, companies in the telemedicine industry cannot overlook the value of certification tracker software in creating an organizational culture where attaining and sustaining necessary regulatory compliance is paramount.