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In Todays rapidly changing regulatory landscape, organizations of any size or complexity need to ensure their operations are compliant with current regulations to avoid costly penalties. With the rising importance of keeping accurate records, organizations are increasingly turning to License Verification solutions to reduce their risk. Certemy is a leader in the field, providing an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications, and ensuring that their records are active, appropriately renewed, and free of any sanctions.

Understanding License Verification

Any licensed employee theoretically represents the organization he or she works for, and a sound license verification process is necessary before any candidate is hired or an employee is promoted. Not only would an improper hiring of a candidate with an expired license create an unacceptable risk, but the organization could also face regulatory scrutiny. In many professions, regulatory processes across the US vary widely, creating a complex landscape for employers to navigate. Certemys automated license verification system simplifies that landscape, giving organizations both visibility and control over their workforce compliance program.

By monitoring and manager licenses and certifications, organizations have a better handle on their overall workflow, and are better able to keep ahead of current compliance regulations. Their pre-built workflows are fully configurable and designed to automate time-consuming licensing processes. Additionally, any employee account can be linked to the primary source verification system, granting instant real-time tracking of any necessary license or credential. This allows organizations to not only stay ahead of monitoring licensing expiration dates, but also get a clearer picture of their staff?s utilization of their individual licenses.

Benefits of Licensing Verification

Having an automated license verification system gives organizations the opportunity to link several processes together. This is especially true in the healthcare system, where various departments need to coordinate information and keep multiple licenses updated. With a verification system, organizations operating in some of the most heavily regulated industries can rest assured they are meeting necessary requirements.

Organizations are able to automatically track and manage any employee license and credential changes in one system, allowing a better view of their teams productivity and utilization across the organization. This centralized view helps management maintain uniform compliance across teams and departments. Licensing verification systems designed to track expiration dates of multiple documents give organizations the peace of mind that comes from maintaining current, up-to-date records.

Most of the manual labor associated with the previous system of license verification has been eliminated due to automation. This not only saves time, but also eliminates potential human errors that can result from keeping an old system. Additionally, the automated system provides consistent and reliable primary source data, ensuring that all important information is tracked accurately.

Final notions

Organizations increasingly are turning to primary source licensing verification solutions to help manage the complexities of different regulatory policies. This automated system can provide employers with a better handle on their overall workflow, and a better grasp of their staff?s utilization of their individual licenses. These solutions can provide accurate and timely license and credential tracking, allowing organizations to reduce their risk by staying ahead of monitoring compliance regulations.


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