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Managing employee Compliance to licenses and certifications can be a time consuming and complicated task for modern organizations. In an ever-changing regulatory environment, organizations are increasingly taking proactive action to ensure they remain compliant with the relevant regulations governing their licenses and certifications. Automated license Verification systems are becoming an invaluable tool to achieve this goal, simplifying the management of employee compliance and providing real-time visibility of license and credential status.

Understanding the Impact of Non-Compliance

Compliance is not easy and it is much more than just checking a box. Unless rigidly enforced, compliance related issues may remain undetected in an organization and could lead to serious consequences. Fines, sanctions and other punitive measures could be imposed on companies that are found to be in violation of regulatory requirements, potentially resulting in sizeable financial losses and even criminal penalties.

Individuals within the organization may also face the consequences of non-compliance, potentially including loss of employment or a ban from certain sectors or industries. Organizations must therefore be proactive in managing their license and credential compliance to protect their operations from these risks.

Advantages of an Automated License Verification System

An automated license verification system is an efficient and effective way to ensure that an organizations compliance with regulatory requirements is maintained. It offers an array of benefits, including:

Real-time tracking of license and credential status.

Improved staff utilization and productivity.

Increased visibility into individual employee license and credential status across the organization.

Active monitoring of employee licenses and certifications for renewal or expiration.

Automatic tracking and updating of changes in licenses and credentials.

Reduced risk of non-compliance.

Streamlined workflows.

Organizations today need to ensure that their compliance practices are efficient and effective, and an automated license verification system is an essential tool to manage the complexity of compliance related to their licenses and certifications programs.

Trusted Solutions

Having the necessary certifications and licenses is one thing, but verifying that they are current and valid is another. To ensure that organizations are properly compliant, they must deploy automated license verification systems that provide primary source verification and ensure that a license is current and free from any disciplinary action.

Certemy is a leader in license verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across an organizations employees. The system provides real-time tracking of license and credential status in one system of record, and offers configurable workflows to automate license application processes. Trusted by some of the largest employers in the US, the platform is designed to save organizations time, reduce risk, and improve staff utilization.

Key point

Organizations must be proactive in their approach to compliance with regulatory requirements for licenses and certifications. Automated license verification systems are now becoming essential tools to help manage the complexity of compliance. By deploying an automated license verification system, organizations can ensure that their compliance status is regularly visible and up-to-date, protecting their people, processes, and profit.


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