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With the increasing importance of defending against potential lawsuits and liabilities, employers are even more motivated to properly vet their employees and investigate their past before bringing someone onboard. One of the most important ways of ensuring the security of a potential employee is to evaluate the correctional behavioral health certificates and credentials of an individual. This process is known as correctional behavioral health certification and is essential for public safety, employee health and financial security.

Correctional Behavioral Health Certification is the process of verifying the qualification level of a professional; it involves making sure that an employee possesses valid credentials and is suitably trained and certified in their area of expertise. Employers must carry out authentication checks for any potential hires to conform to local, state, and federal regulations, as well as to ensure the safety of their team members. While a general screening process may be sufficient, more in-depth background checks can go a long way in uncovering vital information on an employees past.

Upholding an organizations safety and compliance standards can be challenging to maintain in the crowded and fast-paced environment of Todays job market. However, primary source verification can help employers ensure that their teams are entirely credentialed and compliant with all the necessary laws. This system can provide employers with a valid employer background report that is used to guarantee accuracy and authenticity of a person?s qualifications.

Primary source verification is conducted by an independent, accredited organization, such as Certemy, that crosses-references a potential employee with official, government-issued documents. This ensures that a potential hire?s background checks out and is not breaking any laws. Primary source verification is a basic but essential first step for any security screening process.

Incorporating a reliable primary source verification system can add significant value, flexibility, and safety to both onboarding and screening processes. It can minimize the risk of fraud and bureaucratic red tape, and help organizations verify the credentials of a potential hire or existing employee. It also puts organizations one step closer to achieving transparency and proper compliance.

The right system for primary source verification can provide insight into current credentials, manage expiring certifications, and ensure that each employee has the necessary credentials for their position. Employers should also look for systems that cover all necessary occupational licenses and certifications, and review their data on a regular basis to stay up-to-date.

All of this necessary information can be tracked with Certemys automated license tracking system. This system allows employers to quickly and easily view, update, and manage all of their employees licenses and certifications in one system of record. With its automated license application process and streamlined workflows, employers can save time and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Primary source verification is an essential form of background screening that helps employers maintain compliance throughout their organization. When done the right way, it can significantly contribute to a companies reputation and create a more secure and trustworthy workplace.


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