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Compliance, quality performance, and competency are the basics for all employee-related activities. Compliance in the terms of professional licensure, however, requires a series of steps to keep abreast of the ever-changing legal and regulatory environment. To obtain and sustain that desired competency state requires primary source verification of occupational licenses for an organizations workforce. Certemy is at the forefront of providing a modern, automated tool for employers to ensure their licensure needs are met and to be kept up to date of any changes.

When speaking of licensure and compliance, many thoughts can come to mind. In the larger scheme of regulatory requirements, there are a few key players responsible for that process. On one hand, there’s the regulatory body or state board that validates and oversees the licensure process that needs to be kept up-to-date. But the employer, too, has a large responsibility in recognizing, managing, and tracking its employees licenses and certifications.

Certemy understands and addresses these critical elements through their proprietary primary source verification system. This system is organized into three key pillars: data accuracy, speed of delivery, and peace of mind.

Data Accuracy

Data accuracy is priority one. Certemy maintains a database of detailed profiles for each profession they support. Thanks to their automated process, they can provide up-to-date license or certification data for each employee map the regulatory bodies through the US. Certemys thorough profile information makes license tracking and management easier and efficient for employers.

Speed of Delivery

Certemy provides digital tools that automate the process of verifying employee licenses and keeping up with any changes. Together with accurate data, automation speeds up renewal and regulatory compliance processes. It also helps verify an employees license status in real-time, saving HR departments from tedious paperwork.

Peace of Mind

An automated primary source verification system means organizations can have peace of mind that their compliance program is sound. It removes the risk of misinformation or negligence when tracking and managing employee licenses, whether in the office or remotely. Certemy also has features like alerts for pending renewals, eliminating the possibility of a lapse in license status.


Certemy is at the forefront of license verification technology. Providing support to organizations with fierce regulatory requirements, Certemys platform helps to alleviate the burden of manual processes and keep employers in full control. From its automated information gathering and verification capabilities to its system of alerts and reports, Certemy is a modern solution tailored to the needs of Todays HR departments.


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