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As a Nurse Manager and Leader, you are responsible for ensuring that your healthcare providers have the proper licenses and certifications for their respective roles. This responsibility includes keeping up with numerous individual compliance programs, making sure that all your healthcare providers’ licenses, certifications, and other important information is up-to-date, valid, and properly renewed. Unfortunately, this can become a time consuming and complex task, especially considering the regulatory compliance requirements of the US healthcare landscape.

Fortunately, primary source license verification services, like Certemy, can drastically reduce the time and effort needed to effectively manage and maintain your compliance program. License verification services automate the process of verifying employee credentials by sourcing information directly from multiple, original sources and provide you with a single, unified view of all employee records within a centralized platform. With primary source verification, your team can trust that every healthcare provider is in the correct role and have the right credentials and licenses to operate within the requirements of the law.

When it comes to license verification, Certemy processes a vast inventory of licensure and certification requirements from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), and many other primary state sources. Anytime a license or certification needs renewing, Certemy is able to automatically provide you with notifications so that you are always on top of your compliance. Primary source license verification also allows your team to stay ahead of any new legislative regulations as they arise.

Of course, the best part of licensing verification services is their ability to reduce the number of manual steps and activities required to validate licensing and certifications. Not only can it help save your teams time, but the automated verification process also eliminates the risk of human error or missed credentials from the equation.

For Nurse Managers and Leaders, primary source license verification with Certemy provides complete visibility into the status of all employee credentials, at any time. Through Certemys platform, you can also leverage automated workflows to ensure efficient, secure, and accurate license tracking and renewal processes.

Using Certemy, Nurse Managers and Leaders can stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements and better manage their compliance programs. Ultimately, this helps reduce the amount of time needed to keep your healthcare team up-to-date on license and certification requirements by offering a fundamental overview of all areas of the license verification process.


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