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The medical field is so large and complex that many healthcare organizations employ dozens of different types of professionals. From physicians and nurses to medical researchers and healthcare admins, each plays a crucial role in treating patients and keeping operations running smoothly.

Ambulatory care nurses are no exception. Crosstraining for primary, specialty, or urgent care can equip nurses to serve different types of patients, but they must hold appropriate credentials and licenses. Keeping track of all those certifications is a massive undertaking ? and that?s where Certemy comes in.

What Is Licensing Verification?

Licensing verification is the process of confirming the credentials of healthcare providers. It involves researching licensing boards and municipality-level regulations to ensure all providers are qualified for their roles.

It is an incredibly important task. If health care professionals are allowed to practice without the right credentials, It is a huge liability for employers ? as well as an expensive one.

The Advantages of Licensing Verification with Certemy

Certemy is one of the leading license verification solutions on the market. Powered by an automated primary source verification system, Certemy relieves organizations of the hassle and expense of manual license verification.

The platform allows employers to validate credentials across their entire workforce, so they always have insight into who is licensed and qualified to perform specific jobs. With Certemy, employers also receive automatic alerts when licenses expire or personnel changes occur, increasing their visibility of the workforce Compliance program.

Certemy also helps organizations increase staff utilization with pre-built workflows. These are fully configurable, so employers can integrate existing protocols for license application and renewing into the system. Since the process is automated, staff don?t need to dedicate many hours to completing it.

Certemy has many other features that enhance its value. Organizations can track multiple credentials and licenses in one system; they can improve visibility across the entire workforce; and see near-instant results of license verification.

How to Set Up a Licensing System with Certemy

Getting started with Certemy is easy. Employers begin by importing their employee info into the platform via bulk upload or an HRIS system. They can then configure the platform to match organizational processes like applications and renewals.

Next, employers can review the data and accepted documents, so the platform is calibrated to their specific needs. All that?s left to do is decide how the system will notify them when licenses have expired or personnel changes occur.

Finally, employers can review near-instant results and gain access to real-time tracking and monitoring of employee credentials.

The essence

Certemy is an incredibly powerful tool for ensuring ambulatory care nurses are licensed and qualified to fulfill their duties. Automating their compliance program can increase the transparency and productivity of the organization while mitigating risk.

Organizations that invest in Certemy will benefit from improved staffing accuracy, lower costs, and a streamlined way of tracking licenses.


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