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Todays health care landscape requires organizations to ensure they maintain employee licenses and credentials. Whether its dentists, physicians, or nurse practitioners, It is essential for payroll, operations, and human resource personnel to have an accurate and up-to-date record of all certifications.

Enter Certemy — the license tracking and primary source verification solution that eliminates guesswork, and provides seamless and fully compliant operation. Seen plain and simple, Certemy equips organizations to streamline license tracking to better uncover potential workforce risk and improve the utilization of medical staff.

Benefits of License Verification

An essential element of Certemy is its automated primary source license verification. This helps organizations validate that all employees and healthcare providers have current occupational licenses and certifications, without needing to manually review source documents. This is especially beneficial for larger organizations that have many staff to manage which can be overwhelming.

Certemy helps alleviate the burdens of manual license checks. This is because automated license verification not only reduces the costs associated with manual checks, but it also ensures compliance with federal and state guidelines. Further, the accuracy of automated license checks is guaranteed since data is pulled from the verified sources.

Having a license verification process in place helps keep employees current, and ensures that all staff are highly qualified and suitably trained. With this, the potential risks from malpractice claims and other negligence lawsuits can be minimized or avoided.

Defend Against Workforce Compliance Issues with Certemy

Employment organizations of all sizes can manage their workforce compliance requirements painlessly with Certemy. They can track and manage licenses and certifications with source verification from arrive at every information state. Editorial/Research providers can easily access complete visibility and control of the organizations workforce compliance program, granting access to timely alerts and notifications related to license renewals, expiration reminders, or compliance issues.

Organizations across the US trust Certemy to automate their license application processes and save time, mitigate risk, and maximize their staff utilization. Certemy offers pre-built workflows that are easy to configure and efficiently apply to the organizational standard workflow. With this, payroll, operations and other HR personnel can ensure that all staff are appropriately licensed and qualified.

In addition, detailed employee license tracking is offered in one organized system of record making it easy for HR teams to monitor and measure license expirations, module completion rates, and other vital information related to compliance. Moreover, licensing metrics, or tracking data, may be used to assess the effectiveness of the organizations occupational license tracking program.

In summary

Being able to accurately track and verify licenses and credentials of your staff is essential for any organization that wants to protect itself from potential or actual workforce compliance issues. Certemy offers automated primary source license verification to empower organizations to take command of their compliance program. Supported by workflows and pre-built metrical monitoring, Certemy has become the go-to choice for employers for its reliable license verification process. Overall, Certemy is here to help organizations save costly time and resources, and ensure their personnel are suitably licensed, an essential part of Todays healthcare landscape.


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