License Verification Tool | CCCTM ? Certified in Care Coordination and Transition Management

Ensuring that your employees and contractors have obtained the necessary professional licenses and certifications is paramount to any successful employer that depends on workforce Compliance. As a result, having a reliable system with automated license tracking and primary-source Verification is essential. Care Coordination and Transition Management (CCCTM) certifications, for example, are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, and HR operations must stay ahead of the changing regulatory environment to protect employers from risk.

To meet the constantly evolving legal and compliance requirements, many employers are leveraging primary source verification systems such as Certemy to save time and ensure that their staff is compliant now and in the future. Certemys automated license verification technology checks the status of licenses and certifications to confirm they are active, undamaged, and have appropriate renewals. In addition, the system scans for any associated sanctions or disciplinary actions to further protect employers.

With the Certemysystem, HR operations gain visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. The system provides a single source of truth to track and manage all employee licenses and credentials in real-time. The dashboard brings together information from multiple databases, providing teams with accurate, up-to-date information to assist with decision-making processes. And with Certemys compliance workflows, HR operations can save even more time and resource by quickly and easily managing the onboarding and re-verification of licensed employees.

Certemys advanced features include primary source verification both in bulk and for individual licenses. Organizations can also customize the system to track skills, work history, and qualifications, enabling them to build detailed records of their personnel that go beyond licenses and credentials. This feature helps employers stay on top of regulatory changes, accurately track and document employee regulatory compliance, and manage the onboarding process more efficiently.

Certemy integrates with existing HR systems to easily maintain the employee database, providing peace of mind to employers that their staff is compliant and their operations align with corresponding laws. The system offers validated credentials to regulatory bodies- automatically updating any expiring licenses. This helps employers stay up-to-date on the changing compliance landscape, eliminating any time-consuming processes and preventing recertification lapses from going unnoticed.

When it comes to ensuring compliance and mitigating risk, employers must remain ever vigilant of the rapidly changing regulatory environment and their staff?s licensure and certification conditions. Leveraging automation-based license verification systems like Certemy not only saves employers time and resource but also provides peace of mind, knowing that their staff remain compliant with the necessary licenses and certifications.


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