License Verification Tool | Certified Dialysis Licensed Vocational Nurse

Good employee management requires companies to remain compliant with local and national regulations, including those associated with the proper licensing of certifications of its employees. While licensure Verification systems have previously been used to vet these certifications, Certemys automated tool offers businesses unprecedented accuracy, control, and efficiency.

Certemys fully-automated verification tool works as an important line of defense for companies to remain in Compliance. It verifies employee certifications for accuracy, currency, and to identify any sanctions at the very least cost to businesses. The primary source verification system works to track and manage licensures and certifications with a comprehensive oversight dashboard. In effect, this automated tool provides businesses with better visibility into the condition of their license certifications by applicability, expiration, and available applicable working conditions.

In addition to offering businesses real-time tracking of their employee licenses and credentials, Certemys verified automation system simplifies the HR department’s process to application. Configurable workflows, built-in intelligence, and comprehensive automation let HR departments automate their requirements to quickly approve applicant?s credentials in consideration with reliable primary sources.

In addition, Certemys automation platform offers key features that benefits businesses in several ways. Its Advanced Analytics tool makes tracking multiple license types and certifications easier for HR teams and management, offering insights on whether applicants have the necessary licensure and credentials to meet the job criteria. The automated system is also designed to streamline employee onboarding, allowing businesses to efficiently bring on new employees without compromising their safety. Finally, its built-in Security Dashboard offers end-to-end automation to protect against online threats and data breaches.

Certemys automation tool provides companies the ideal solution for licensure and credential verification. The Intelligent Automation System handles the tedious process of manually verifying credentials, while its comprehensive oversight tools provide businesses with safe guard against non-compliance. In sum, Certemy provides businesses an efficient and cost-effective approach to verify and stay up to date with licensures and certifications.


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