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Healthcare organizations operate in competitive yet complex environments, where regulatory compliance and license verification are essential for staff utilization and risk management. With Certemy, employers and healthcare organizations gain powerful license verification tools that automate the entire primary source validation process, providing staff visibility and compliance assurance within a single system of record.

Certemy is the leader in License Verification, making compliance and regulation management easier for healthcare operations. An automated primary source system that validates occupational licenses and certifications quickly and accurately, without the need for manual input.

Maintaining Workforce Compliance

In Todays environment, employee license verification is key to workplace compliance. Certemystreamlines the primary source verification process, allowing employers to remain ahead of regulations and make informed decisions about their workforce. The system offers real-time tracking and visibility of employee licenses and certifications, with an intuitive dashboard that clearly highlights status updates and violations.

Certemy allows employers to stay up to date on the latest regulations and compliance standards. It provides automated license tracking and primary source verification to make sure policies and practices are kept up to date and in line with industry standards. Plus, the system is always on, ensuring that no regulatory changes slip through the cracks.

Pre-Built Workflows and Enhanced Productivity

Certemys license verification system also saves time by automating license application processes with pre-built workflows. The system has been trusted by some of the largest employers in the U.S., eliminating manual processes and the need for manual input. This allows organizations to maximize staff usage and improved team productivity.

The system also allows them to tailor workflows according to their organizational needs ? from changes in the executive suite to restructuring of departments. Additionally, Certemy provides training on the primary source verification process, so employers understand the underlying requirements.

The Benefits of Certemy

Certemy delivers several best-in-class benefits to employers and healthcare organizations, including:

Complete visibility and control of your compliance program, with automated license tracking and primary source verification

Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record

Improved team productivity and visibility across the entire organization

Pre-built workflows fully configurable to automate license application processes

With Certemys license verification system, healthcare providers and employers have the assurance that their organization and employees remain compliant. The system offers actionable insights and risk mitigation, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining workforce compliance.


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