License Verification Tool | Certified Diabetes Educator

As various healthcare sectors continue to expand, so too do the pathways for professionals to obtain licenses and accreditations. Organizations must be prepared to handle these growing requirements, especially in the area of license Verification. Certified Diabetes Educators face unique licensing requirements as the field requires a multi-component license that enables them to provide the highest level of care. Keeping up with these ever-changing licensing regulations has become a point of significant frustration as employers, and individuals, attempt to remain in Compliance. Fortunately, with a License Verification tool such as Certemy, this process can be improved drastically.

Certemy is an automated license and certification verification system specifically designed to handle the unique needs of healthcare organizations. It automates the primary source verification of all occupational licenses and certifications, giving employers full visibility and control over their compliance program. Validating credentials is no longer a tedious, manual process because Certemysimplifies the process and makes it much easier for employers to manage their license and certification requirements.

The primary goals of Certemy are enabling employers to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization. It does this by giving them real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. It also provides employers with improved team productivity and visibility across the organization. This platform is pre-built with workflows that are fully configurable to allow an automated license application process.

Certemy takes care of primary source verification, a necessary but tedious step to ensure that employees have the correct certification and licensure requirements. It accomplishes this by contacting the relevant state or governing bodies, and then verifying the employees’ credentials against their records. This eliminates any inaccuracies in the Hollywood handshakes of employee licensure. It allows employers to concentrate on patient care, and not worry about verifying employee credentials.

Certemy also provides other helpful features that make it invaluable for employers. One feature is the automated renewal notices that It isends out, helping to ensure license renewal dates are not missed and out of compliance issues don’t occur. This security works for employers and professionals alike, and medical professionals can rest assured meaning they don’t need to be concerned about an oversight leading to a licensing violation.

The standards of licensed credentials in the healthcare sector are high, and Certemy understands that. This is why it works to ensure that any credential reported by providers is verified and validated against existing primary sources. Specialized insights are given to license, certification, and waiver regulations for any licensure requirements relating to Certified Diabetes Educators.

Additionally, Certemy keeps employers up to date on any changes to regulatory compliance requirements, in addition to any new licenses and certifications that need to be monitored. With its reporting capabilities, it is easy for employers to keep an accurate record of the credentials of all their employees.

By utilizing a trusted automated license verification platform such as Certemy, employers can ensure that their personnel remain in compliance and accredited, keeping their valued patients safe. Easy installation and thorough customer support gives business and healthcare institutions the confidence that their employees credentials are valid and up to date.


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