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The ever-evolving state of federal and state regulations impacting occupational licenses, certifications, and credentials has led organizations to consider finding better ways to stay on top of their Compliance needs. Utilizing technology to manage the license Verification process is becoming increasingly popular as it dramatically reduces manual efforts in gathering and tracking documentation. Certemy is a cutting-edge licensure and certification verification platform providing organizations an easy-to-use compliance solution that enables them to save time and money while ensuring workforce industry compliance.

Why Is it Important to Automate License Verification?

Ensuring workforce compliance of professional licenses and certifications can be complex, especially when requirements vary from state to state. Automation of license and certification verifications will not only improve organizational efficiency, but will also provide insight into potential compliance concerns and errors before It is too late. Certemys primary source verification system is designed to provide organizations the highest level of assurance that their employees are compliant with regulatory compliance requirements in their areas of practice. Certemy is the perfect compliance tool to help HR teams effectively track and manage license information to ensure a safe and compliant workforce.

what isets Certemy Apart From Other Solutions?

Certemystands out from other license verification solutions due to its powerful yet easy to use technology platform which is designed to help organizations streamline their compliance efforts. It offers organizations a comprehensive solution to meet their license and regulatory compliance requirements including real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, automated license application processes, and custom workflows. Additionally, it is trusted and used by some of the largest US employers, and provides them visibility and control of their workforce compliance program.

How Does Certemy Help Organizations Mitigate Risk?

Overall, Certemys automated license verification technology provides organizations an easy way to remain compliant and mitigate risk. At the core, it is a cloud-based platform with primary source verification and detailed reporting. The automation feature helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance by quickly processing data and alerting the HR team if any discrepancies arise. Additionally, it makes it easy to track and manage license information across the organization. Certemy is a user-friendly platform which lets employers quickly identify and fill any gaps in their workforce’s licensure and certification compliance program.

What Are the Security Measures of Certemy?

Certemy takes security seriously and employs state-of-the-art security protocols to protect and safeguard confidential data. It is committed to adhere to government, industry and privacy regulations. Additionally, it also regularly carries out security audits to ensure the safekeeping of customer data. It also enforces strict user authentication and multiple layers of encryption to ensure the highest level of security of customer data.


Organizations today need to stay compliant to mitigate risk and remain compliant while keeping up with the numbers of changes in laws and regulations. Shortening manual processes and ensuring the accuracy of information can help employers keep their organizations compliant. The automation feature of Certemys platform enables HR teams to review employee licensure quickly and accurately, providing organizations the assurance that their workers are meeting all regulatory requirements. Additionally, it makes the entire license verification process fast, convenient and efficient.


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