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In Todays professional landscape, verifying and tracking employee credentials is an essential component of human resources operations. Businesses need to take the necessary steps to ensure their workforce meets all regulations and certification requirements for every field of work?from nurses to administrative positions. In order to mitigate risk and stay ahead of Compliance issues, organizations are increasingly turning to license Verification software. By automating the challenging manual processes associated with verifying occupational credentials, license verification software offers unprecedented visibility and control over workforce compliance.

What is License Verification Software?

License verification software is a cloud-based system of record designed to automate the credentialing process. It consists of primary source verification software and pre-built workflow applications that enable organizations to quickly and efficiently track and manage employee licenses and professional certifications. The goal is to ensure overall compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. This eliminates potential liability issues and wasted reviewer hours associated with manual verifications and data entry.

How does License Verification Software Work?

Organizations use license verification software to quickly and easily manage employee licenses and certifications. It works by automatically collecting and storing each employees credentials in an easily accessible repository. Whenever there is a change in the credentials, the system is updated in real-time.

The system also features automated license tracking to ensure that each employees professional licenses and certifications remain active and up-to-date. Automated alerts then notify compliance officers if and when an employees license has expired, been revoked, or is under investigation. This allows the organization to stay ahead of potential issues and take corrective action whenever necessary.

Benefits of a License Verification System

Companies that utilize license verification systems gain unparalleled visibility and control over their workforce compliance program. Firstly, tracking employee credentials in one system of record eliminates the tedious manual data entry and paperwork associated with credential maintenance. Additionally, the software also helps organizations prevent potential licensing issues and employee fraud. Furthermore, a good license verification system should help improve team productivity and enhance visibility across the entire organization.

Finding the Right License Verification Software

Not all license verification software is created equal. When searching for a quality system, employers should look for software that can automate license application processes and utilize pre-built workflows that are fully configurable. Also, employers should look for software that will enable them to track employee licenses at the individual, team, and organizational level and send real-time alerts whenever there is a change in the employees credentials. For complete peace of mind, employers are encouraged to find software with primary source verification, as this ensures that all employee license records are accurate and up-to-date.

Key point

Organizations that rely on employee certifications risk waste of time, potential liability issues, and failure to meet regulatory compliance if the license verification process is not managed properly. With license verification software, employers can automate their credentialing processes while ensuring their workforce remains compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. As the sending of real-time alerts feature can help organizations stay ahead of potential licensure issues, employers are encouraged to carefully research a quality system that meets their specific needs.


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