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In the modern day workplace, employers are increasingly relying on primary source Verification (PSV) software to stay compliant with regulations and ensure optimal workforce utilization. PSV software offers a comprehensive solution for license and credential tracking to mitigate risks, prevent undesired licensing issues, and enable efficient workflow operations. This article will discuss the basics of PSV software, its benefits, and applications in the workplace ecosystem.

What is Primary Source Verification Software?

PSV software leverages a web-based system of record to enable automatic tracking and management of employee credentials. It uses regular primary source verifications of license and certificate documents to ensure that all workers? credentials are kept up-to-date, valid, and free from any past disciplinary actions or sanctions. Companies can use this software to keep a close eye on Compliance status and ensure that all their employees are suitably licensed and certified for their respective positions.

Benefits of PSV Software for Employers

The primary advantage of using a PSV software for employers is the significant time and cost savings they can enjoy. Companies no longer need to manually check and manage license and credential paperwork, as this can be done automatically at regular intervals. Automation of the process also helps employers reduce regulatory compliance risks and streamline staff utilization.

Outdated credentials can spell big trouble for any organization as it can lead to lost productivity and increased litigation expenses. Companies no longer need to worry about this when they use shared-source verification solutions. This software keeps all the data up to date and enables external entities to access and review the current compliance status at any given moment.

Applications of Primary Source Verification Software

PSV can be used for a variety of applications that involve verifying employee credentials, such as:

    Licensing verifications: Companies can use this software to conveniently check the validity of employee licenses when recruiting, conducting background screenings, and building an employment program.

    Certification validations: This software can also be used to ensure that all employees possess the required certifications for the job roles they are engaged in. Companies can use this to maintain a healthy compliance status and ensure that only those with the best credentials are employed.

    Credential tracking: PSV software is useful in automatically tracking employee credentials throughout their tenures, ensuring that all documents are regularly refreshed.

PSV Software for Improved Compliance and Workforce Productivity

As companies become increasingly reliant on compliance to remain operational and secure their relationships with regulatory authorities, primary source verification software is becoming an essential part of a modern workplace. PSV software can help organizations save time, money, and reduce potential risks while maximizing workforce performance and utilization.


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