The Certifying Body

Certemy saves you administrative costs by automating and streamlining the process of creating, assigning, verifying, and tracking certification requirements as well as producing and distributing the actual certificates. Our configurable dashboards and reporting provide you with a real-time, comprehensive view of compliance across your organization. Our platform helps boards understand knowledge gaps and educational needs of certificants by tracking and analyzing continuing education choices. With its actionable reminders and simple workflow, Certemy decreases certificant attrition, completely revolutionizing the current system.

The Professional

Certemy saves you time and money by allowing you to satisfy all of your certification and licensure requirements in one place. With its actionable reminders, Certemy will ensure that you have the time to complete all your requirements. With its custom curated and integrated course marketplace, Certemy allows you to complete courses that are actually meaningful to you and your career. Certemy also securely keeps track of all your certifications in your personalized digital wallet. No more hassles. No more stress.

The Professional Associations

With Certemy’s continuing education tracking and marketplace features, associations can help members get the most out of their professional development experience. Our actionable reminders will make sure professionals stay on top of their requirements. By mapping content to requirements and interests, Certemy helps association members derive the largest benefit from continuing education. At the same time, associations can showcase their educational content to the professionals that would most benefit from it and at the time when they most need it. Certemy will reduce marketing and sales costs by showcasing products and services to members of multiple appropriate certifying bodies concurrently. Certemy can also help identify knowledge gaps and the needs of membership through data analytics, thereby guiding future educational material in conferences and courses.

The Employer

With Certemy, you can mitigate the risks of employing professionals that are out of compliance with critical certifications due to the transparency our software provides. Utilizing our automation software and primary source verification, you will be able to decrease the administrative cost of ensuring compliance. Our analytics give visibility and insight into the skill sets of your workforce and introduce administrative efficiencies by integrating formal licenses, compliance training, and proprietary certifications all onto one platform.

The Training Providers

Certemy empowers training providers to target their products and services to the right professionals at the right time, increasing revenue and saving marketing dollars. Our system allows training providers to apply for and receive an approved provider status from multiple certification boards simultaneously. Certemy too will reduce marketing and sales costs by showcasing all products and services to members of multiple certifying bodies concurrently. Our platform will also promote recurring business through automated reminders of upcoming continuing educations requirements that provide a curated marketplace of educational options mapped to those requirements.

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