Continuing Education (CE) Management

Simplify CE management and tracking for certificants, licensees and employees.

Continuing Education (CE) Management Software

Certemy's continuing education solution is for professional certification and licensing boards and employers who wish to make it easier for professionals to intelligently manage continuing education requirements across multiple credentials using actual requirements and deadlines.

Optionally create education marketplaces that map education offerings against the specific education requirements of the credentials your professionals seek to acquire or maintain. Let professionals use these marketplaces to locate approved CE offerings without calling you. Let Certemy automatically apply completed CE hours against all relevant credentials, and automatically save certificates of completion in a personal digital wallet for each professional.

Benefits for Boards, Associations & Employers

Streamline CE tracking, reporting, and document management for credentialed professionals.

Simplify CE Discovery

Create custom marketplaces that map continuing education offerings to actual credential requirements to speed CE discovery and submission.

Automate CE Tracking

Let Certemy automatically apply CE submissions against all relevant credential requirements to minimize duplicative effort.

Auto-generate CE Transcripts

Let Certemy automatically generate digital transcripts that streamline and automate continuing education reviews and audits.

Benefits for CE Providers

Grow sales and reduce acquisition costs by marketing directly to a captive audience of ready-to-buy professionals.

Get Closer to Customers

Participate in the education marketplaces of the boards, associations, and employers who serve your customers. Map your products to their education requirements.

Sell More Efficiently

Present your products to professionals precisely when they need them. Let them find and select your products directly from your partners' marketplaces.

Optimize Marketing Budgets

Spend less on indirect digital marketing channels with high acquisition costs. Focus more on efficient, direct marketing to ready-to-buy professionals.

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Grow revenues and reduce attrition by streamlining CE discovery and consumption.