CE Marketplace for Boards

Implement a Continuing Education (CE) Marketplace to grow CE provider accreditation program revenues, streamline CE reviews and audits, reduce attrition, and expand renewal revenues.

CE Marketplace Software

The CE Marketplace is an optional, no-cost upgrade to your Certemy certification management platform. The marketplace allows you to map your CE requirements to approved products offered by your CE provider partners.

Once mapped, Certemy automatically presents approved products to professionals whenever they are completing CE requirements for one of your credentials — and provides them with one-click access to the appropriate product page to streamline purchase and completion.

Solution and Benefits

Check out the following benefits for your CE providers, staff, and professionals.

Grow CE accreditation program participation and revenues

  • Provide greater visibility of your CE provider's products by mapping them to your credential requirements and presenting them to professionals precisely when they need them.

  • Provide professionals with one-click access to provider product pages to streamline discovery and purchases.

  • Ensure your CE accreditation program provides more value to your CE provider partners by delivering targeted product exposure that drives more product sales, lowers customer acquisition costs, and generates more repeat business.

Streamline CE reviews and audits

  • Your staff spends less time answering phone calls and emails about CE requirements. Certemy tells professionals exactly which CE products you have approved for each credential — and then provides one-click access to provider product pages to streamline purchase and completion.

Increase renewal rates and revenues

  • Ensure that professionals only submit board-approved CEs against your credential requirements.

  • Automatically enter provider, product, and hours/units completed when professionals submit a marketplace CE product. This eliminates manual data entry errors.

  • Ensure your staff spends less time reviewing and auditing CE submissions because they are always 100% accurate and complete.

Reduce your administrative burden

  • Make it easy for your professionals to find, complete, and submit CE requirements.

  • Allow professionals to apply CE submissions to all relevant credential requirements to eliminate redundant double-entry.

  • Ensure that professionals are more likely to renew their credentials because they can find, complete, and submit CEs faster, with less effort, no double entry, and fewer errors.

See It in Action

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