Primary Source Verification

Periodically check employee credential status between renewals. Quickly detect when an employee license or certificate has been revoked or suspended by a state licensing board or a professional certification board.

Certemy workforce compliance management software platform for employers of licensed and certified professionals

Primary Source Verification Solution

Employers of credentialed professionals use primary source verification to confirm an employee’s credential status with the organization that issued the credential (aka the primary source). These organizations include state licensing boards and professional certification boards.

Certemy’s Workforce Compliance Management solution includes primary source verification features that help you regularly check the status of employee licenses and certifications between renewals. You’ll want to proactively detect any change in credential status — such as a license suspension or disciplinary action — to minimize your exposure to the risks of non-compliance, such as lawsuits and fines.

Outsource your Primary Source Verification to Certemy

If you don’t want to manage employee credential verifications in-house, you can outsource the entire process to Certemy. When you outsource primary source verification to Certemy, we do all the heavy lifting — leaving you and your staff to focus on what you do best. In addition, you’ll receive automated notifications each time a credential is verified, and you or your auditors can check the verification history for any employee or credential at any time.

Primary Source Verification Benefits for Employers

Proactively ensure that you always have the latest status for each employee credential. Manage primary source verification in-house or outsource to Certemy and let us do it for you.

Reduce Risk

Ensure that your employees are fully licensed and certified at all times. Avoid the high costs of employee non-compliance, including customer and employee lawsuits, fines, lost business, impaired reputation, and excessive insurance premiums.

Improve Efficiency

Manage, track, and verify employee license and certification compliance in real-time across your company. Generate digitally-signed, time-stamped documents that demonstrate compliance in the event of disputes, claims, or lawsuits.

Standardize Processes

Enable your compliance staff to manage consistent employee compliance best practices and requirements at every level across your organizations to maintain brand reputation and minimize liability.

How it Works

Certemy streamlines and automates the three core elements of primary source verification. The process is the same if you do it directly, or we do it for you.


Define how frequently you want to verify each credential. Some credentials might warrant weekly or monthly verification. Others might only need quarterly verification.


Use predefined workflows to guide verification staff to an employee’s credential status on the issuing organization’s (primary source) website and note the current status.


Update the employee’s current credential status in Certemy and upload a confirming evidence document, such as a screenshot from the issuing organization’s website. Certemy will automatically send email alerts to your staff when an employee’s credential status changes. You can also define follow-up workflows that trigger any additional steps that you might require if, for example, an employee credential is suspended or revoked.

Product Tour — Primary Source Verification

See for yourself how our primary source verification solution features allow you to verify employee credential status between renewals with efficiency and scale.

Primary Source Verification Features

Here are some of the major features of our primary source verification solution.

Configurable Verification Intervals

Automated Verification Reminders

Centralized Verification Data & Supporting Evidence Documents

Verification Dashboards & Reporting including Verification History

Customizable Workflows for Credential Status Remediation

SOC-2 Data Security